NEEDO Totally new Electric Heating technology discover the Secret

Totally new electric heating technology……NEEDO!
NEEDO electric radiators are proving that beauty is more than skin deep through their revolutionary new heating technology, which heat up twice as fast as competitor systems* and offers up to 25% energy savings.

The secret behind NEEDO’s unique offer is an innovative two-phase heat transfer process that not only delivers a much more rapid rise in temperature but also facilitates heat recovery of energy already produced, substantially lowering running costs.

Needo radiators are the only electric central heating system manufacturer to offer this technological advance, this process the Advanced Condensing System (ACS) is unique to Our electric radiators, work on a completely different principle to standard electric systems, offering greater heat control, more even heat flow/spread and reduced running costs.

Unike many electric heating systems, NEEDO radiators are specifically designed to optimise total heat transfer through the patented ACS technology of the core heating system. ACS is based on an innovative eco-friendly fluid embedded in the aluminum case of the radiator under controlled conditions during manufacture.

During operation the fluid evaporates at high speed and immediately releases its energy through the condensing process to the radiator’s case. Heat generated is completely and quickly transferred from the radiator to the environment. As a result, the ACS technology reduces the time to reach the required temperature by more than 50% with respect to an equivalent electric radiator commercially available. Furthermore the condensing process ensures an extremely uniform temperature profile of the radiator resulting in a highly efficient and highly comfortable heat transfer process.

Not only are the electric radiators great to look at, with leading design aesthetics, they are super slim (at just 3cm thick) and work brilliantly to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective and environmentally responsible heat.

In the past electric heating has been synonymous with lumpy, old-fashioned panel and storage heaters that were both inefficient and expensive to operate. Now there is no excuse not to install or use a good-looking, highly efficient #electricheating system. Watch the video on youtube

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