Intelli Heat leads industry in announcing storage heaters scrappage scheme

Specialist Electric Heating Company Intelli Heat has, quite literally, put its money where its mouth is and launched its own storage heating scrappage scheme.

Norfolk-based Intelli Heat is leading the field in offering customers a free removal and scrappage of old, inefficient electric storage or panel heaters. The deal applies to a minimum installation of seven electric radiators and is only available in Anglia, but will be extended to all England soon. Intelli Heat offer a complete electric central heating project management service specifically designed for Home owners, Housing Associations, Social Housing and Commercial property.

Your old electric storage or panel heaters can be wildly inefficient, not only using far more power than an electric heating system has to, but also costing residents and tenants much more than is necessary. By replacing them with a modern, highly efficient electric heating system such as Intelli Heat, heating bills can be reduced and carbon emissions cut. It’s a win win situation and one that we are only too pleased to support.

Years ago We welcomed the government’s announcement of the Boiler Scrappage Scheme and really do feel quite strongly that this idea should be extended to inefficient electric heating systems. enjoy the benefits of a super efficient, good looking and highly controllable Electric central heating system.

Intelli Heat is well-placed to comment on the benefits of ‘direct acting’ heating products given its broad portfolio of electric heating solutions. Every one of its electric radiators – from Cali Avanti, Sophia, Balneum models to the NEEDO designer range – utilise thermo dynamic fluid to warm up quickly and retain their heat. They can also be individually controlled, allowing domestic and commercial premises to part L zone heating requirements. Not only does this meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, it allows users to manage and minimise electricity bills.

In addition Intelli Heat, can offer full Home Automation solutions with the potential to closely monitor and reduce fuel bills by a further 25% and manage control devices remotely via the Whapp. Its latest innovation, home Automation App, can be retrofitted to existing electric heating systems to reduce running costs.

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