NEEDO electric heating voted best design brands for RADIATORS AND FIREPLACES focus in Archiproducts

NEEDO designer electric radiators has been selected with the best design brands for RADIATORS AND FIREPLACES focus in Archiproducts. Here is the link you can use for marketing purposes:

Needo The ultimate in style – a stunningly beautiful electric radiators range of incredibly slim electric radiators with a top-of-the-range remote control energy management system, NEEDO has been designed to blend perfectly with your interior design. NEEDO are manufactured by Zoppas in Italy – the world leader in heating elements for domestic appliances with a presence on 5 continents.


Beautiful, thin & super efficient… need a NEEDO!

NEEDO electric radiators are proving that beauty is more than skin deep through their revolutionary heating technology, which is twice as fast as competitor systems* and up to 30% more efficient.

The secret behind NEEDO’s unique offer is an innovative two-phase heat transfer process that not only delivers a much more rapid rise in temperature but also facilitates heat recovery of energy already produced, substantially lowering running costs for users.

The Condensing Power System Advanced Condensing System.

Intelli Heat is the only UK electric central heating system manufacturer to offer this technological advance. NEEDO radiators work on a completely different principle to standard electric systems, offering greater heat control, more even heat flow/spread and reduced operating costs.

The Condensing Power System  Advanced Condensing System allows NEEDO radiators to recover, through evaporation, the energy produced, effectively using heat twice and making the system more efficient. 

Importantly, NEEDO radiators are specifically designed to be powered by electricity, with high-quality Zoppas elements built into the aluminium casings during manufacturer rather than added post-production, as is the case with some electric heating units. The system is completed by a small amount of eco-friendly heating fluid that vapourises and then condenses during operation.

“With NEEDO we have worked hard to produce a product that delivers on a number of fronts,” added Mrs Arneodo. “Not only are the radiators great to look at, with leading design aesthetics, but they are also super slim (at just 3cm thick) and work brilliantly to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective and environmentally responsible heat. In the past electric heating has been synonymous with lumpy, old-fashioned panel and storage heaters that were both inefficient and expensive to operate. Now there is no excuse not to install or use a good-looking, highly efficient electric heating system.”

NEEDO radiators are quick and easy to install without the need for any plumbing. They reach the required temperature twice as quickly as any normal panel, storage or wet system heater. Their heat diffusion is far more efficient and each radiator can be wirelessly controlled independently by the cool-looking My NEEDO energy management PAD with touch-screen controls to create a complete central heating system throughout the home. 

“With NEEDO it really is possible to have a designer electric central heating system that is economical to run, highly efficient and independently controllable/programmable from your armchair. The radiators look fabulous, they heat up almost immediately, and real-time monitoring of their power usage allows users to control and reduce energy bills,” said Mrs Arneodo. NEEDO combine performance, design, and ergonomics with a highly advanced energy management system.” 

The NEEDO range includes super thin radiators in horizontal and vertical versions available in three styles and a choice of nine colours, superbly styled towel rails and the spectacular Monolithe, which combines heating, lighting, and mobility all in one system.

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