The multi—zone Smart Energy controller for Needo electric heating system

The multi—zone Smart Energy controller controls the time and temperature of up to 12 heating zones. Each zone has independent time and temperature control. It has a backlit colour LCD screen. The unit can either be wall mounted with an external power supply or table mounted on the table stand.

The Smart Energy controller can be removed from the stand for easy programming for up to 2 hours before returning to the stand for charging. When controlling the Needo electric heating system the Smart Energy controller has a number of features that make operation easy. Zone names can be input to match the actual property and the zones can be controlled as multi—room or as single-room zones.

Zones can be configured to give individual local override of a room or rooms within the zone. The programming in the unit is split between in—use and installation sections with a wide variety of control choices for the property owner. There is a guided scheduling wizard for the properly owner to help them set up time and temperature profiles in each zone and a guided configuration facility for installers.

The screen will show energy efficiency messages to the homeowner as each zone’s temperature will be colour coded to show potential over or under set point temperatures. There are a number of quick actions available to make it easy to change the electric heating requirements for a short period. The Heating Off button will turn all the zones off unless the frost protection temperature level is reached, the controller provides access for the installer to fully control the heating system. It is suitable for needo electric radiators. Wireless binding of the system components is carried out via the touch screen.needo black radiator norwich 26/09/13 26091320 lee pitcher

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