Intelli heat Electric heating system – The Architect’s Choice

The New way to heat your home efficiently, with enhanced technology and affordably.

The government has made it clear that it views electric heating and a decarbonised grid as the way it will meet the UK’s challenging ‘green’ targets. In June this year Ofgem reported that electricity prices had risen by 27 percent over the previous four years. Compare this, though, with gas prices, which is reported, had risen by over 41 percent in the same period, while heating oil prices nudged a record 73p a litre last winter. It is time to change our solutions to heating. Architect, Tim Moll, was asked to study various ways of heating a new build inline with the new government legislations and market prices of supplies.

Case Studies
Drawing A – Existing House
The actual solution for this project was to use Ground Source as the supply. Again served by electricity the return on energy is 1kw in and 4kw out. This effectively gives 3kw of free units of electricity. The initial cost to install, however, will require a budget of £55,000.

Drawing B – Due to start in March 2014

Air Source for underfloor heating was decided upon because of the limit of the temperature that air source provided but also the desire the family had for underfloor heating. The initial installation cost budget is £25,000. The first floor is not suitable for airsource due to cost of running it upstairs and an additional combi boiler is required to boost the temperature of water which raises the budget to £26,500. Plus a budget for the upstairs heating that was to be raising the heating cost Therefore I have recommended that Intelliheat be the source of heating on the first floor as a minimum. If they opt for stylish radiators downstairs as well I can see a saving on this project for them of £20,000.

Drawing C Planning Permission being gained.
This house, if run 100% by Intelliheat, will have an installation cost of £4,500 and the running cost of the heating is 1kw in for 2.2kw returned, making this a highly effective electric heating system with a very small installation cost. A combi boiler will be used for the hot water supply at £500 budget making the total heating and hot water budget £5,000 where the cost would usually be expected to be nearer to £12,000.

Intelliheat has been used in the UK for over a decade supplying to the trade and large contracts. Now is the time for the self build industry to discover the innovations of the future. 11million homes in France already use this patented system as the highly effective heating systems in their homes. Made from the highest quality materials with patented ACS heating technology as the conductor for these products, the immense heat is wrapped in Italian styling. The electric radiators are discreet, elegant and offer a highly controlled and therefore measured electric heating solution. With this system you will not have one thermostat in the hall to regulate the whole system, that just wastes energy. Now each room is programmed wirelessly so that it is heated when you want at the temperature you want all from a wireless control panel. This system is called ‘zone heating’ so the children’s rooms are cool whilst there out but warm for when they are in. However, for those who work from home the office and kitchen stays warm all day, at a fraction of the cost.
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