Making Your Shop into a Welcome Haven for Shoppers, a more considerate approach to electric heating

Making Your Shop into a Welcome Haven for Shoppers,

Why a more considerate approach to electric heating will pay dividends. Is there anything more unwelcoming than a freezing cold shop in winter, in fact in Autumn and Spring too. The time to do something about it is in Summer, but time is running out…

You may be thankfully relieved that warmer weather has arrived at last and you can finally switch off that horrible inefficient boiler that costs a fortune and eats up more profits than a kid in a sweet factory.

For well over 15 years now, Intelli Heat have been installing super-efficient new electric radiators with individual temperature controls and timers into High Street Retail outlets, with their well-known Thermodynamic Fluid Wireless Collection of Italian style designer Radiators completely replacing the old Boiler, pipes, Gas Safety Checks, and annual Boiler Services, saving Shop owners valuable costs.

Add in a couple of boiler breakdowns and a few emergency call out charges, and all that will pretty much pay for a couple of new electric radiators to be installed in the shop.

What do you Mean, There’s No Other Costs?

Nope, absolutely no other costs at all.  No maintenance costs, no repair bills, no call outs, no safety checks before you can open the shop to the public, nothing at all.

The smart stylish designer radiators just need 4 screws in the wall to hang a couple of brackets, and Bob’s your Uncle! Plug in the standard 3 pin plug and that’s it. On when you’re cold, off when you’re warm, and uses 25% less energy too. Electric heating for shop.

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