Important elements to be aware of when purchasing any electric towel radiators.

Purchasing electric towel radiators

If you’re looking to buy the best designer towel radiators available, then it’s important to consider a whole host of important elements to be aware when purchasing any electric towel radiators of the issues that can arise during the life span of the product.

Italian Designer Electric Towel Radiator for bathroom
Intelli Heat Curva designer towel radiators 600 watts

Our products are produced using some of the world’s most advanced processes in producing Designer Towel Radiators, they are pressure tested several times during the production and quality control processes, they go through an intensive priming and preparation process prior undergoing 2 coating phases.

The first being anaphoretic coating, essential for protection, the second being powder coating, which increases protection, using epoxy paint.

14 step manufacturer process:

  1. Fluorozirconate treatment
  2. Rinsing
  3. Anaphoretic coating
  4. Rinsing
  5. Stoving
  6. Powder coating
  7. Stoving (second time)
  8. Spray washing
  9. Stray pre-degreasing
  10. Immersion degreasing
  11. Rinsing
  12. Etching
  13. Rinsing
  14. Spray washing

Balneum Eco+ Electric Towel Radiator

Balneum ecodesign Towel Radiators
Balneum Eco+ Electric towel radiator 500w

Our Balneum Eco+ anticipate your comfort needs with innovative features and EcoSense technology. With guaranteed performance and energy savings, the Balneum Eco + is the ideal solution for both private and rented accommodation.

Our Eco-design Electric Towel Rails are designed by top designers in Italy and manufactured there too to create a beautifully finished product. Eco-Design Towel rails with integrated thermostatic controls, programmer. LOT 20 compliant, environmentally friendly features make our electric towel rails one of the most energy-efficient towel heater available in Uk.

Main Features & specifications 

● Slim Design ● 4 patented wall-mounting brackets; safe & quick ● Boost mode for instant heat ● Adjustable back-lit digital thermostat ● Built in EcoSense technology for guaranteed performance and energy savings ● Gentle uniform warmth for optimal comfort ● Integrated advanced eco mode ● Child lock and Pin lock code ● In-door air quality preserved without drying the air ● Resilient double coated epoxy paint ● Fully Compliant with Eco-Design Lot 20 legislation ● Available in white and Neochrome

  • Adjustable distance from the wall
  • Daily – weekly programming
  • Even effective warmth
  • Wall installation kit
  • Double coated
  • Child lock
  • Our heated designer towel rails are popular for bathrooms, traditional wetroom, and kitchens. Available in 500w, and 750 w. 

Based on this, we are able to offer an extensive warranty (up to 5 years depending on products, newer products may even come with a 10 years warranty) covering manufacturing defects on all products, standard warranty would be 1 year.

However, towel rails are made from steel and are generally installed in a wet, damp atmosphere (i.e. a bathroom) so they tend to be at the mercy of whatever they are exposed to. Most of the ‘faults’ we have reported on installed products are due to product conditions as opposed to manufacturing defects which would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. As a towel radiator is probably the most vulnerable item on a heating system, it is very important that it is properly cared for and is a condition of our manufacturer’s warranty. Even the best quality towel rails are subject to basic chemical reactions such as rust and leaks over their life time as steel radiators’ bodies contain levels of ferric iron compounds which, with time can but not necessarily will, potentially corrode the steel regardless of the quality of the product. Towel rails tend to be even more susceptible to these kind of issues, since wet towels are also placed on the towel rail during the summer when heating systems are generally not in use.

Most of the towel radiator on the market may in time develop rust, regardless of the quality of the product, due to being subjected to continuous moisture, the cause being one of 3 things:

1) Condensation being left of the radiator for long periods of time without the radiator being warm or allowed to dry.

2) Poor ventilation therefore high humidity level which can also cause the joint to loosen up

3) A weep has occurred on the joint which causes rust to develop and spread. This can be quite common in the area with high humidity like bathrooms over a period of time (especially on sealed joints).

Designer Towel Radiators

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Needo Designer Towel Radiators 750 watts

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