IntelliHeat electric radiators are recognised as the ultimate in terms of efficiency

IntelliHeat smart electric radiators are recognised as the ultimate in terms of efficiency

All IntelliHeat electric radiators are equipped with a dual-thermostats temperature measuring system. This means that the heaters measure both the room and the radiator temperature on a continual basis, and as explained in regards to the TRIAC algorithm functionality, the radiators are therefore able to draw the exact energy load required to generate and release the exact heat load needed for the room in question to meet the assigned temperature.

The smart electric radiator thermostat accurate to within 0.1° therefore very minor temperature oscillation.

Alternative Direct Heat system accurate to within 2° causing large peaks and troughs at room temperature, energy wastage and lack of user comfort.

Heating Zoning

Each IntelliHeat electric radiator works independently, providing the right amount of heat for each room.
By creating energy-efficient heating zones easily and cost-effectively, through wirelessly transmitting the desired time/temperature settings directly to individual radiators.

The zoning options allow grouping by rooms or floors with ease, creating a comfortable environment in each room with the correct heat plan for each area.

The efficiency of a heating system is greatly increased by dividing the home into distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. In most cases, there is no need to heat bedrooms during the day, when they are not in use, or to run the whole system at the same temperature.

The principal of zoning further mitigates energy wastage, by programming the heating system to heat each area at the correct times we negate the wastage that a centrally controlled heating system produces. Indeed the master bedroom, for instance, will generally only need the heating first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, whereas the lounge area will need heating in between those times.

With the IntelliHeat heating system, the user can program each zone independently to follow specific heating programmes which can be simply overridden with the click of a button whenever our lives fluctuate and our heating needs with them!

The latest generation of Cali Sense ecodesign complying range is further equipped with motion sensors which can override the heating programmes where the room remain unoccupied for a preset duration. This is especially useful in guest bedrooms for instance, where a preset programme can be applied, the programme will be overridden when no movement is sensed in the area for a determined period of time, and the radiators will automatically revert to background mode. (background mode is a variable temperature setting usually at around 14°).