Intelli Heat offer three ranges of electric heating

The majority of our business comes from customers looking to replace outdated storage heating systems because of their well-known drawbacks including the fact that they produce very dry air, are often bulky and unattractive, producing warmth in the morning and afternoon but fizzle out into the early evening. There is a distinct lack of control and programming ability and having to try and predict the next day’s weather is a nightmare even for the professionals!

IntelliHeat offer three ranges of electric central heating to cover all of your customer’s needs. All our electric radiators are designed to be thermo-efficient and incorporate advanced technologneedo Line T electric radiators weby to ensure a highly energy-efficient performance, thus ensuring a low consumption of energy. They provide comfortable, flexible and fully controllable heating throughout the home or business exactly where and when it is needed. No plumbing is required, and they are quick and inexpensive to install.

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