Gas , oil central heating systems will become a thing of the past soon

Gas , oil wet central heating systems will become a thing of the past soon. Why? Simply because the fuel on which they run is becoming scarcer and scarcer still. This is a real problem that cannot be solved just like that. The reality is that fossil gas is not a renewable source of power and that the “alternative ways” of producing gas are simply not feasible on account of the environmental concerns which gravitate around them.

The future as far as heating goes is already here. People have for decades been using electricity in order to heat up their homes and it is not like this is a well-kept secret. The change is that now more and more people realize that this method of heating of home will take over. Intelli Heat is sewing this clearer than ever before, this being the reason why we releasing electric radiators meant for home commercial use.

The new CALI AVANTI electric heating comes in four sizes ranging from 0.6kw to 1800w and can be used to warm an additional/spare room or heat an entire house or commercial property – and everything in between. Watch the video Here…

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