Intelli Heat Electric Heating System can now be controlled by an APP

FANTASTIC NEWS!! … Intelli Heat Electric Heating System can be controlled by an APP!!!

For many years the idea of using electric heating in a building was unheard of, and was seen as the last resort for homeowners and specifiers.  It was considered expensive, uncontrollable and usually aesthetically displeasing.

THE GREAT NEWS IS … due to our advanced technology and pioneering development, these issues and concerns can be a thing of the past.  With Intelli Heat, entire systems now NO LONGER need to be controlled by a single on/off setting, which is a very inefficient way to heat a home.  Intelli Heat allows the user to heat and control rooms individually with a unique programming system.  After all, why heat a room when no one is using it.  Intelli heat can therefore offer exciting cost savings when it comes to heating a home.

With the Intelli Heat home automation control system, clients can manage up to 4 zones in their property, and 16 electric radiators independently, all through a simple and easy to use APP, or home control unit.

The beauty and flexibility of our Intelli Heat electric radiators is that they can be used to replace an entire heating system for maximum energy savings, or alternatively to just supplement any existing systems operating with oil, lpg or old electric storage heaters.

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