Intelli Heat Electric Heating Case Study – 20 Apartments, Norfolk

Heritage Homes, based in Norfolk are a new home builder with an eye for the finer detail.

When building the luxury apartments on Yarmouth Road recently, they chose to use Intelli Heat products.

Not only was the look of the electric radiators important – as they had to tie in with the incredibly high specification throughout the properties – but the energy efficiency too. In a world where we are all encouraged to become ‘greener’ Intelli Heat was the obvious choice. Innovative Intelli Heat have been investing in new electric heating products that respect the environment and energy reductions that now meet and beat the new government demands.

They create warmth and comfort in an affordable eco-friendly way.

  • In the six ‘standard’ apartments, the Cali Avanti range of thermodynamic fluid-filled radiators were chosen alongside the Balneum analogue towel rails for the bathrooms. These heating systems are controlled by a wireless  controller in each apartment, enables the individual management of up to 6 heating zones in each residence.
  • The heating of the rooms within the apartment is easily set to match the lifestyle of the individual occupant’s lifestyle – one of the main factors in making these systems so economical to run. £60/month

For the magnificent 118m² Penthouse, the new owner chose the beautiful Needo T Line range of designer radiators and the My Needo remote control smart system.   The T Line is one of 3 ranges in the Needo family and offers energy savings of up to 25% when compared to Cali Avanti . £42/month

The My Needo Smart Energy controller allows the user to program, monitor the temperature and energy consumption in each room making it very simple to optimise comfort at the same time as making real energy savings.

Working closely with Intelli Heat throughout the project meant that the radiators were delivered to site as and when each apartment was ready for them.  The relevant contractors had them to hand as and when they needed them, ensuring that the project could progress smoothly.

Energy and Cost-Saving Electric Heating System

needo electric radiator smart energy programmer