Cali avanti electric radiators Testimonial Case Study – 12 Flats in Devizes

Case Study Cali avanti electric radiators installed in a  stunning new development of one and two bedroom apartments right in the very centre of Devizes, with parking and balconies.

Our Client acquired a site in Devizes, Wiltshire to develop a retail Shop together with a number of flats. As agreed the Retail will take the ground floor once it was completed and there would be 12 flats above on 1st and 2nd floor.

It was important to ensure that the development would be of high Quality with large and attractive apartments. In the planning stage, our client realized that having both new gas and electricity to the building would be more costly than just one service alone and also with new Gas supplies have reading boxes are external and look rather unsightly. The client was quoted thousands £ to have the gas pipes put in.

Therefore from a cost and appearance point, client decided that we Would install advanced electric radiators. Not having gas would also appeal to downsizers they often travel or have a second home and would rather not worry about ‘did we turn the gas off’.

Client testimonial:

“However going solely electric presented a problem as although modern electric radiators are very efficient a lot of them are rather bulky the way they project from the wall and rather ugly. After trawling the internet for attractive electric radiators I came across an Intelli Heat model called the ‘Cali Avanti’ which was particularly slimline and actually had the controls on top of the radiator, an important factor when considering most Other brands I had seen had controls mounted on the cheap side plastic panels which would involve bending down and possibly kneeling to set them – not ideal.

Following the first installation, they certainly looked good, were easy to set using the instructions and worked well, therefore I had no hesitation in placing an order for all the flats. The Cali Avanti Electric radiators may well be slightly more expensive than competitors but they seem streets ahead in terms of design, and quality.
We then turned our attention to towel rails in the bathrooms which would again be electric. Space is always tight in en-suites and we found another energy efficient slim line product from Intelli heat, this time the Sophia Towel Rail, which like the radiators is also fully programmable, affordable to run and controllable.

Finally, we needed electric heaters for the common parts which would be energy efficient and work on a simple thermostat. Again Intelli heat was able to supply a suitable heating product.
All in all, we have been very pleased with the excellent service from Simona at Intelli heat and the products supplied which manage to combine energy efficiency with a great Italian style.

Cali avanti electric radiators Testimonial 12 Flats in Devizes