Existing Heating Systems in Social Housing, Tackling Fuel Poverty

The main thrust of the new Government Policy for energy efficiency, is to tackle the overriding problems of Fuel Poverty in the UK, particularly in the social housing sector. But throwing money at current fuel bills will not improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions or promote renewable energy.

Existing Heating Systems in Social Housing

The existing heating systems are split between gas boilers and old fashioned brick storage heating. Gas systems waste endless thousands of pounds on Gas Safe Inspections, annual boiler services and expensive call-outs for winter breakdowns.  Storage heating uses twice the energy required to heat the room, by first heating a pile of bricks, leaving houses cold at night and warm all day when everyone is out. It also gives a problem for upstairs rooms, where brick heavy heaters cannot be installed.

All these problems can be easily eliminated by:

Replacing with Heating Electric Central Heating

Reduce energy consumption:

Cheap to run, uses 25-30% less energy than existing storage heaters with aluminium radiators transferring heat directly into the room.

Individual Temperature Controls

Intelli Heat Build in digital controls to within 0.2 degrees on every radiator showing real time usage of every Kw of energy

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

With no flue gasses means a drastic reduction in neighbourhood air pollution and removes all risks of carbon Monoxide poisoning.

No Inspections, Maintenance or Servicing

It eliminates the costs of Gas Safe inspections, boiler services and breakdown call outs, saving Housing Associations thousands of needless pounds spent.

Use Renewable Energy sources: Integrate IntelliHeat electric radiators with solar and photovoltaic panels, using renewable energy sources to lower heating costs even further.

Compliant with Part L and EN 60335, Eco design Legislation

The IntelliHeat radiator choices are fully complaint with the new Part L Regs, and have NF accreditation, the highest energy efficient rating in Europe too. For more information visit www.intelligentheat.co.uk or call 01845 163 0055

Together we CAN fight Fuel Poverty in the UK

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