Decent Homes Criteria Failing in England

The English Housing Survey 2013-2014 paints a sorry picture of the condition of our aging housing stock and the effect this will have on reaching the legally binding target for reduced carbon emissions dictated by EU Policy.

The Report was published on the website of our biggest housing Charity – Shelter – and it clearly states that during 2013 – 2014, more than 2.5 million homes in Britain, have failed to meet the Housing Act 2004 minimum standards on the Health and Safety Rating System, or: HHRS.

Carbon Emissions

According to this survey, just under one million homes are failing the ‘reasonable level of thermal comfort’ standard, and this is further evidenced by an increase in fatalities during that year in the winter months. The cancellation of Green Deal and further cuts in Government funding are a contributory factor in turning around this statistic.

Maintenance & Repairs too Costly

The ever-increasing costs of repairs and maintenance to social housing and privately rented housing are by far the biggest factor in making any changes to this result next year, but IntelliHeat does have a brilliant Electric Heating solution that will:

  • Remove the cost of Gas Safe Checks – forever!
  • Remove the cost of Boiler breakdowns, call out charges and replacement parts – forever!
  • Remove the cost of the annual Boiler Service for every property – forever!
  • Reduce carbon emissions – forever!

If every gas central heating system in social housing properties, was replaced with electric central heating, none of the above costs would ever need to be paid.

  • There is no water and pipes, so no repairs to be made.
  • There is no boiler to break down
  • There is no Boiler to be serviced
  • No gas or fossil fuels used, so no need for any Gas Safe inspections
  • No floors to lift or masonry repairs to install them
  • It takes one man just half a day for each property, not a week for a team of 3.
  • Using green energy reduces carbon emissions

Quite honestly, after the initial investment, the money saved over the following ten years would put the whole country back on its feet again. So if you are a Housing Authority or a Private Landlord, and you can see the huge sense in this, get in touch and find out how easy it would really be to do. Ask for your free  Intelli Heat Electric Radiators Quote.

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