Working from Home ? an Economical Electric Heating Solution

If you work from home in one room, the winter can be an expensive time for heating, so here is a simple solution that can be installed into any home, no matter what central heating system you have…

Many homes have a gas or oil central heating system, and switching the boiler on all day, just to heat one room in your home-office, leads to a huge winter heating bill. Even if you turn off every other radiator in the home, you are still left with the boiler chugging away, just to heat one radiator.

With Storage heating, the room starts off warm, and by lunch-time, is already beginning to get cold enough for adding another jumper, or short bursts of a fan heater. By the late afternoon, it is positively cold, and the fan heater stays on, using up a horrible amount of electricity.

But there is a solution that is cheap to install, easy to fix, and is very economical to run… 

All you need is an IntelliHeat electric radiator installed in your home-office room, that you switch on, and set to your preferred comfort temperature.

It will switch itself on and off all day and keep the room exactly to the degree you choose, without having to put the central heating boiler on at all. In the evening, when your whole house heating system starts up, it will just switch itself off, and stay off, while the room is at the temperature you need.

So one 1000-watt electric radiator will take 3 hours to use a few 14p units of electricity, and you can keep warm all day for under £1 per day.

A great idea for people who are self-employed and working from home. No floors to lift, no pipes to lay, just 4 screws in the wall with a couple of brackets and a plug socket.  Simples!

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