All Our Electric heating Range can be controlled by our Smart Home APP

With Intelli Heat Award winning wireless Smart Home Automation app (WHAP)  you can finally manage, program hourly/daily completely your Intelli Heat Electric central heating and all other electrical appliances using your phone or tablet, from anywhere in the world, perfect for retrofitting and renovations, be Connected, be Smart. 

All Our Electric heating Range can be controlled by our Smart Home APP – that currently automates with the following:

1 – Electric Heating:

It is the only app that is able to manage Electric Heating and other electrical operations through one app.  It is able to individually control up to 16 radiators in 4 independent zones.

2 – Air Conditioning

able to control all air conditioning units.

3 – Lighting

able to control, and dim all lighting.

4 – Roller blinds and shutters

these can be open or closed or anything in between.

5 – Security

this must be a specific WHAP compatible Alarm system at present, although we are working on linking with other products through our new connectivity system.

6 – Garage doors and gates

Please note that all of these devices/ appliances can be allocated within up to four different zones.  These zones are either defined by time, area or both.

The app is also able to override any of the pre-programmed settings for individual appliance or heating zone control should it be required (for example turning the heating on/off on way home, or switching lights on/off/dim).

Please have a look:

app for electric heating gateway and receiver £199, affordable designer electric Heating

designer electric radiators, Smart Home automation, wireless heating control.

intelli heat home automation

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