Why Intelli Heat Electric Central Heating ?

If you are looking for efficient and flexible modern electric heating system, then Intelli Heat can help you choose the right solution.

intelli heat electric radiators needoElectric Radiators Quality guaranteed:

When buying a electric radiator, it is of fundamental importance to verify the quality of its electronics. Efficient temperatures adjustment ensures maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption thus reducing electricity bills. Choosing an electric heating system with little inaccurate temperature adjustment capacity is very counter-productive due to running costs. As time goes by it will cause energy waste and generate higher consumption with respect to our high quality thermostats and programmer.

Professional Customer Care:

We aim to consistently deliver a professional service to our customers. Our team of highly qualified Technical advisers and engineers provide a knowledgeable, caring and professional service. We at Intelli Heat are always at the forefront of technology and innovation and are committed to offering you the best advice, service and environmentally friendly heating solutions available. Please Reed our genuine Feefo Reviews.


Intelli Heat developed and patented a super efficient electric radiators that could be monitored and controlled independently in 1996! We continues to be at the cutting edge of pioneering electric heating systems to this day, designing and developing new and even more efficient products to help us save money, manage our homes more efficiently and help the environment.

Experienced Advice

We are more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have, large or small. We can advise on your heating requirements for domestic, business, Housing or commercial premises, giving you practical and honest advice based on our own extensive experience.

Exceptionally High Quality Products

Intelli Heat products are thoroughly tested and evaluated by our Technical Department before shipping so you can be confident that you are getting the best quality. We work closely with the design and manufacturing process to ensure our products are not only beautifully designed in Italy but also use superior components. We use the best component manufacturer in Europe, Zoppas. Our ranges have been designed, developed and manufactured based on quality, functionality and durability. We think, we care.

Value for money

We may not be the cheapest out there, but that is because our products are designed and manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, with a fine attention to detail, using high quality components that are build to last. Our electric radiators are 100% aluminium unlike cheaper products on the market and carry longer guarantees. They are also designed by top designers in Italy and manufactured there too to create a beautifully finished product. We are totally confident that our heating products are the best quality and value for money available to you.