Needo electric radiators using ZigBee, the standard choice for low-power networking and ideal for smart-home applications,

ZigBee is the standard of choice for low-power networking and ideal for smart-home applications, and its adoption is rapidly accelerating.

According to a variety of publications, industry analysts, and industry experts, the smart home market is set to explode over the next few years. Why? Just look at ZigBee’s success.

Very similar to Wi-Fi, and often considered the low-power version of Wi-Fi, ZigBee is an international standard that is accepted worldwide. It is recognized as a reliable, robust, and cost-effective solution for connecting the world of smart-home sentrollers (sensors that measure data and are smart enough to take action based on what’s reported) to local remote controls and to the cloud to provide monitoring and management of electric heating via smart phones and smart devices.

This movement toward the ZigBee standard is led by the various device makers and equipment OEMs as well as by the cable companies and services providers. Today, leading large multi-service operators (MSOs) are driving smart-home applications via a variety of innovative service offerings like security, energy management, and home care. The number of smart-home devices connecting to the Internet is steadily growing by several millions per month. ZigBee has already been selected as the preferred technology by a number of service providers, such as Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner, and EchoStar.

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