Low Cost Electric Heating for People Living Alone

For people who live alone, it is always a big decision whether to have the heating during the day during the winter months, when they can only be in one room at a time, either the sitting room with the TV, the kitchen preparing food or the bedroom at night.

Turning off electric radiators in rooms not being used will not reduce the heating bills, because the gas boiler will still guzzle the same amount of energy to run, however, many radiators are switched on, with the hot water running straight past them wastefully.

How IntelliHeat can help

Installing an Electric Radiator in the main occupancy room really WILL reduce the heating bills, because one radiator of average size will use around 600 watts while an average gas boiler will consume between 1.2kw and 3kw (which is 1,200 – 3,000 watts as a direct comparison) or roughly between double and five times the amount of energy to fire up the gas boiler.

Of course the gas boiler is not ‘on’ constantly, as it switches off when the room with the thermostat reaches the desired temperature – but so does the single electric radiator! If the thermostat for the gas system is placed in the hallway, and that radiator is switched off, the system will never reach the desired temperature and will blast away all day at a huge cost to the live-alone pensioner.

If you have any friends who live alone and complains about their heating bills, or about being cold; then please do tell them about how purchasing just one electric radiator for the sitting room, means that they can be warm for less than half the cost of their current heating system.

They are easy to fit, with 4 screws holding two brackets, hook on the rad and lock safely into place, plug into any ordinary socket and switch on. (Watch this 3-minute fitting instruction video) You can also set the built-in programmer to come on at your chosen times over a seven-day period and set the internal thermostat to reach a precise temperature in the room before automatically switching off. It works to within 0.5 degree, so is perfect for people who are not at work every day, or who work from home.

Yes, there is an expenditure needed to buy the electric radiator, but then knowing that you will stay warm all week, at an affordable cost will be a huge weight off your mind. FROM YOUR ARMCHAIR, YOU CAN EASILY ADJUST AND PROGRAM THE TEMPERATURE IN EACH OF YOUR ROOMS. intelli heat heating zoning.

intelli heat heating zoning