Intelli heat electric heating system Control Energy Costs. Save money and go green!

Control Energy Costs. Save money and go green!

In line with government targets and directives IntelliHeat have invested heavily in product developments that respect the environment and offer energy savings for everyone.  This has been achieved with patented ZOPPAS technology ACS heating products, that are discreet, elegant and create a controlled and measured comfortable, affordable, green way of staying warm.

Electricity stands today more convincingly than ever as the energy efficient, low carbon, future-proof heating system of choice.  As the industry has evolved, IntelliHeat have led the way with high levels of R&D investments resulting in cutting edge effective and affordable electric heating systems.

The cost savings – some as high as 30% – come from three key technological advances: firstly the patented core element inside each needo electric radiator drastically reduces energy consumption. Secondly, the measuring and monitoring of energy via a wireless touch screen zoppas control panel and thirdly from the ability to control the heat room by room. For example, bedrooms only need to be heated sporadically, while living areas need heating for longer. By creating heating zones, the homeowner can divide their home into distinct areas and only heat each of them as and when required. Each radiator becomes a unique programmable system. The electric heating needo Line T electric radiators weblifestyle is now finally within our grasp.