How Pub Owners and Landlords Can Save £ Thousands on Electric Heating Bills

Keeping your Pub afloat is no easy task and every penny counts, so if we had a way you could save thousands of pounds on your heating bills, would you be interested? 

Get rid of the annual gas safe checks, boiler services, expensive call outs and repair bills for breakdowns as well as saving 30% on the fuel bills, forever!

Here’s the Solution

Just replace your current dinosaur fossil fueled radiators, with our easy to fit electric radiators. No masonry work involved, no floors up and no loss of opening times, it can be done in half a day.

Each Intelli Heat electric radiator just plugs into a normal socket, no fuss, no bother. You only need to heat the places where your customers are, and not every room in the Pub, because each radiator has its own 7-day programmer, thermostatically controlled, so if customers arrive, switch on, if they don’t, leave it off!

We also have an automation app, so you can control every radiator in your Pub from your smartphone or iPad, without leaving the Bar!

Electricity is cheaper if you use less kw per hour

You may wonder how electric heating can be cheaper, when gas is cheaper per KW hour, but a Gas boiler uses around 30 KW per hour to run and six electric radiators of around 600w (depending on size) will only use 3.6KW per hour, so the difference in your fuel bills will be massive!

No annual maintenance is needed, they are guaranteed for 5 years and with a Class 2 CE rating, and full compliance with all Building Regs, and EN Standards, (this doesn’t include the cheap Chinese imports, so be careful!) you have a risk free investment.

You may be able to get the Brewery to contribute to the cost of the initial radiators as it is improving the fabric, the looks and the operation of the Pub, and then the future savings will be all yours.

Designer Gastro Pub Styles

If you have a stylish Bar or trendy Gastro Pub, we have a range of Italian designer electric radiators that come in a range of colours and styles, from passionate red to dramatic ebony black, with beautiful greens, browns and bright yellow or orange colours that will add drama and style to your premises.

This method of heating is standard across Europe, and for all these reasons, you should give this a thought. Dump that old boiler and the stranglehold of that dreaded gas bill, and knock some of your electric heating bills.

Contact us on 0845 163 0055 and we will be happy to come and give you more details, or send you some information. It’s a New Year, so no better time to look at new ways to make your profit margin much higher this year… 

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