Electric Radiators, why they are the new efficient heating solution?

In a typical home in the UK, around two thirds of the money spent on energy bills goes towards heating for the home and office. With energy prices still rising, having an efficient heating system is essential if you are looking to save money. In addition, it is the most significant way to reduce the CO2 carbon footprint of your home or office too.

The rising cost of energy is forcing homeowners, suppliers and the government to act to find ways of reducing our use of fuel. The UK is committed to reducing its greenhouse CO” gas emissions by at least 80% by 2020, relative to 1990 levels. This means that we need to achieve lower carbon energy supplies today.

Our electric central heating system can save up to 30% from your total heating bill compared to older electric hating systems, You can control and heat your home or office from anywhere using a pioneering app called the whapp from Intelli heat. You only need to heat the rooms that are being used, thereby making huge savings on energy wastage.

Each radiator has its own intelligent thermostat, ensuring only exactly the right amount of energy is being used to manage or maintain the required temperature of each room.

Buildings can be broken down into heating zones, and pre-programmed, so that the areas most likely to be in use on a day to day basis are heated and ready for that time of the day. Electric radiators are 100% efficient – every unit that you pay for generates direct heat in that space. This is unlike with wet systems, storage heaters, where lots of energy is lost in the pipes before reaching the radiators.

They can be quickly and easily installed as there is no piping to consider, they simply fix to a wall and plug in.They are cheap to maintain, as there are no moving parts; Efficient electric radiators operate as standalone heating or as a complete system subject to the requirements and budget of the consumer. Most importantly they offer very low safety risk as they are level Class 2 compliant (the best in the market), don’t burn fossil fuels, can’t leak, and don’t run off potentially dangerous boilers.

The heating market in the UK is changing faster than ever before, and needs to, in order to catch up with the rest of the energy consumers in our homes such as fridges and television sets. Fuel prices, legislation and technological developments are changing the way in which our properties need to be heated, and as one of the largest suppliers of electric heating products in the UK, Intelli Heat has the experience and knowledge to remain at the forefront of pioneering more efficient ways to heat the UK’s buildings.