Electric Radiators Easy to Move & Re-use in all Renovation Projects

Great News all our electric Radiators are Easy to Move & Re-use in Renovation Projects.

Intelli Heat electric radiators are easy to relocate and move to another room, for home owners who decide to renovate their existing property instead of selling up and moving.

If you are removing a wall for open-plan living, just remove the IntelliHeat radiator and replace it on any wall near a standard socket. Plug in and its ready to go…

Adding new partition walls to build a home-office or en-suite is easy, even with 8 year old Intelli Heat electric radiators, you can easily move them to suit the changing requirements of your family.

When the new baby arrives, Grandma moves in, or the relatives arrive from Australia, just swap the radiators to suit.

Style, Quality and Performance, Discover our exciting new Wall Mounted Cali Sense Electric Radiators, each with a sleek integral seven-day multiple-option built in LCD programmer, wifi controllable.

Cost Free Maintenance No need for annual boiler services, Landlords Gas Safety Inspections and ZERO CARBON MONOXIDE. No floors to lift, no pipes to leak of burst.

• Easy to install, just 4 screws, 2 brackets, Install in 30 minutes and then plug into any 13 amp plug socket. Replace old inefficient storage heaters quickly and easily with Intelli Heat Electric central heating.

• Energy Saving electronic thermostat controls. Accurate, fast acting control is essential for reducing temperature overrun and minimize energy consumption. The silent operating electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.1˚C and acts quickly to maintain consistent temperature levels.

watch the Electric radiators Installation Testimonial video :

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