Does Your Stock Comply with UK Regulation Changes?

Electrical Regulations are constantly being updated and for any Electrical Contractor, this can be difficult to keep up with, but if you keep a stock of certain products, it can be easy to install a product that does not comply with the current Regulation changes.

Here are just 2 Examples:

  1. The Wiring Regulation Amendment 3 Regulation 421.1.201 of BSI7671 Regulation 421.1.201 (Protection against fire caused by electrical equipment), which is now in full effect from 1 January 2016, relates to the fire safety casings on consumer units, so be sure to check which unit your contractor is installing in your properties.

So if you have stock of consumer units, be sure to check that they now comply.

  1. The harmonized standard EN 60335 covers the safety of household electrical appliances with a maximum rated voltage of 250 V (for single-phase appliances and 480 V for other appliances). Part Two advises of specific requirements for individual products and new amendments to EN 60335 came into force on September 1 2015, but unless every Electrical Contractor and Electrical Wholesaler is made aware of it, they risk being left with thousands of pounds’ worth of stock that is illegal…

The new amendment to EN 60335 is a small section called: ‘Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances. It establishes that every Electric Radiator installed after 1 September 2015 MUST HAVE the following

  • A specific power switch button
  • An acoustic as well as visual signal for visual and hearing impaired people when switching the appliance on and off.
  • A comprehensive instruction book / installation manual for every product.

With so many products coming to the UK from China and similar countries, where this rule does not apply, every Electrical Contractor needs to be aware of exactly what they specify, purchase and install in the UK from now on.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Every Intelli Heat thermodynamic radiant heat electric radiator complies with the new EN Standard amendment, with an audible sound on/off switch on every radiator, and has an English Instruction Manual.

So before you install any of your old stock, please be sure to check that everything in fully compliant with the new UK Regulations. If not, we can supply you with compliant radiators within 3 working days.

Intelli Heat affordable electric radiators are fully compliant with Part L 1&2 Regs, EN60335 and NF accredited, the highest energy efficient rating in Europe.

Features include:

  • Real-Time Energy Use Readout: showing how many Watts are being used as you use them. You can see just how much it costs to turn up the heat.
  • Child Protection Function the Lock Protection means children cannot press the buttons and increase the heat by accident or without your knowledge, so no heating turned up and left on when they go out to play.
  • Open Window Detection Power Saving Feature Get too hot and open a window? Cali Sense will detect this and automatically turn off the radiator in that room.
  • Easy Friendly Accessible controls: located on the top od every radiator at waist height, means no need to reach to the floor or behind the sofa to change the temperature.
  • Automatic Frost Protection and Night- time Temperature controls No need to worry about freezing while you are away for a few days, or the temperature dropping below freezing in the night. Set the minimum temperature and Cali Sense will turn on automatically, keeping your home and family safe and warm.
  • Inbuilt Programmer Control for every radiator, with pre-set choices and custom settings to set the kitchen temperature lower, the bathroom higher, and bedrooms to suit each member of the family. No cold spots or being too warm in any room from a thermostat in the hallway.
  • User Friendly Waist Level Controls. No more crawling on the floor to switch on and off or change the temperature. Easy to reach, easy to read control panel located at the top of every electric radiator.
  • Visual Power Use Display see exactly how much power is being used with a constant read-out of Wattage use. Once each radiator reaches temperature, the Watt usage drops while it radiates the heat.
  • Comfort Setting: Set your desired minimum temperature in each room and leave IntelliHeat to keep the room within 0.2 degrees of your desired temperature
  • Eco-Friendly, Carbon Free Uses renewable green energy in line with Government directions to green energy. Use with solar panels and reduce your energy bills even further
  • Cost Free Maintenance No need for annual boiler services, Landlords Gas Safety Inspections and ZERO CARBON MONOXIDE. No floors to lift, no pipes to leak of burst, and the total system costs is less than a third of a Gas Boiler system.
  • Install in a Day Easy to install, just 4 screws, 2 brackets, and then plug into any standard plug socket. Replace old inefficient storage heaters quickly and easily.

Where can you install them?
Install any single electric radiator in the garage, the home office, the downstairs toilet, the extension, the conservatory and the spare room. In fact, in any cold spot in your home or office.

Home Automation
Intelli Heat are one of the only electric heating company in the UK with products controllable by an app. They also carry the highly sought after KNX certification. But you can control much more than just your radiators:

Our own app, the WHAPP (wireless home app) can control the heating, lighting, gates, alarm system, shutters, blinds and much more, all from a single app on a single device.

Cali Sense is the only intelligent Energy Efficient Solution for your Family and a safe solution .

cali sense electric radiator by intelli heat