Compare energy plans

Compare energy plans to find the one suited to your needs.

Our range of intelligent home heating solutions empowers you to take control of your energy use by providing you with the means to monitor, understand and adjust your heating system. Using integrated Smart Home technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, our ground-breaking smart electric radiators generate the data you need to start building a more energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly home. 

MYSense App for wifi electric radiators energy monitoring
Mysense App isense Radiators real time energy usage,

But how does all this data help you save money?

First and foremost, by allowing you to compare energy plans and find the plan most suited to your habits. At IntelliHeat, we believe that knowledge is power. By giving you all the information, you need to make an informed decision, we empower you to save money and build towards a greener future.

Choosing the right energy plans for your needs

A significant number of homeowners are stuck on the wrong energy plan simply because the information they require to choose a suitable plan is not available.

Our state-of-the-art iSense radiators combine with our MySense app to ensure you understand precisely how and when energy is consumed in your home. This Smart Home systems are compliant with the latest Lot 20 Eco-Design legislations is also integrated with various other sensors, including open window detection and motion detection, to optimise the way you heat your home. They also provide you with the data required to compare plans and find the best deal possible.

What factors influence energy use

When choosing your energy plan, a range of factors will influence which plan is best suited to your needs. These include:

  1. The type and size of your home
  2. How many people live in the house
  3. The type, age and energy-efficiency of your appliances
  4. Times of peak use and how you consume energy

How IntelliHeat systems help reduce energy use and lower costs

The factors listed above all have one thing in common – they can (and need to) be measured if you’re to find the best energy plan. Traditional heating systems contain no way of monitoring how energy is used across the system.

For instance, there’s no way of knowing whether your bedroom or living room radiator is consuming more energy. Or whether one of your kids is keeping their radiator on all day. With our range of intelligent radiators, all that information is collated in the intuitive and comprehensive MySense app. From there, you can understand and adapt your usage and begin to compare energy plans. 

How can changing your energy plan save you money

Once you have a full account of how you consume energy across the home, it’s a simple matter of finding the right plan for your usage. If you use more energy at night, an Economy 7 plan might be the way to go. Need a bit more flexibility? An Economy 10 plan may work for you. Once you’ve switched energy plans, our intelligent heating systems can also help you manage your usage to ensure that you’re paying less. To find out more on the different types of energy plans and suppliers don’t hesitate to contact our partners at Switch Plan. 

If you’re looking to cut your energy costs or are considering switching plans, you may find that our Wi-Fi-enabled radiators provide you with the information you need to do so. Take a look at our range of intelligent radiators and discover how you can revolutionise your home heating system.

Find out how IntelliHeat radiators can help you compare energy plans and save you money on your bills.

Looking for the best energy deal on the market? Switch to a new supplier in minutes! Call switch-plan and let experts switch you to a new energy plan for free.

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