Chunky old storage heaters springs to mind here but no more

Stuck with a heating system you can’t control? Running out of warmth when you need it ? Chunky old storage heaters springs to mind here but no more. Due to advances in design build quality and technology – slim, stylish and fully controllable electric heating systems are firmly here for today…..and the future.

At the forefront of the electric heating market is Intelli Heat supplying the stunningly gorgeous Needo super slim designer range along with the elegantly modern Cali Avanti. Both are economical to run, easy to control and fully programmable. Not to mention they also make a great addition to the appearance and value of your home.

Of course in today’s modern age one’s phone isn’t just for for making calls, taking photos or social networking. It’s a powerful tool for organizing a hectic life but now it can be used to control your home!

Intelli Heat new affordable home automation system is now available for your smart phone or tablet allowing you to control Electric central heating, lighting, electric gates and much more all from the comfort of your armchair or whilst away on holiday giving the impression there’s activity in your empty home. With storage heaters becoming an inefficient system of the past, regular electric panel heaters unable to compete, being a cost effective option against oil and LPG systems, and with running costs comparable with gas fired wet central heating systems, but with greater flexibility and without the installation, maintenance, negative environmental implications.

Far removed from inflexible bulky, inefficient storage heater, Intelli Heat provides the perfect solution for stylish energy efficient, flexible and fully controllable electric central heating.

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