Can I install Intelli Heat Electric Radiators Class II in a bathroom

Yes ! Intelli Heat electric radiators range: Needo, Cali Avanti, Sophia, Balneum are IP24 Rated meaning they are safe to install in bathroom, kitchen and ensuites.

Provided that the thermostat control device is not within the reach 60 cm away from water splash, If you want more control over the temperature of your bathroom, our electric radiators are the ideal solution. They come with three heat settings confort, background, boost, providing a Confortable, economic Heat.
Since 2008 an amendment to the electrical regulations as aforementioned, stipulated zones within a bathroom where heating, particularly electrical heating can be positioned. These are defined as zones, 0, 1 and 2. See 17th Edition Zones Within a Bathroom
When choosing the position of the heater one should refer to the data about the zones:
• Zone 0 – the interior of the bath or shower which can hold water
• Zone 1 – the area directly above zone 0, limited vertically to 2.25m above the bottom of the bath or shower, also 1.2m horizontally from the centre of a shower outlet to the height of the outlet, or 2.25m whichever is the higher
• Zone 2 – the area beyond zones 0 and 1, 0.6m horizontally and up to 2.25m vertically. Zone 2 also includes any recessed window with a sill next to the bath
Note: if the space under the bath cannot be accessed without using tools (screwdriver etc), that space is considered to be ‘out of scope’.

Are Intelli Heat they difficult to install?

Intelli Heat electric radiators are really easy to install, by simply following the instruction manual. There are few steps to follow and you can do it in few minutes, our radiators are Easy to buy, Easy to install and Easy to use. Programmer Operation Guide (to be read in conjunction with manuals provided with programmer) #electricheating #electrictowelrail

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