Cali Sense Electric radiators are able to deliver low energy consumption

IntelliHeat electric radiators are based on what is referred to as Thermodynamic advanced condensing system (ACS) electric heating technology.

Efficiency and smart metering

Our range of electric heating systems are designed to give the user not only control and programming of each unit, but further give exact current and historical consumption data for each electric heater, and for the system as a whole. It is the ability to accumulate and display exact consumption data which sets apart our systems from all others. Furthermore, it is thanks to this data that our systems are in the process to obtain improved SAP ratings in accordance with current SAP guidelines and ECO DESIGN legislation.

Efficiency technology

Our electric heating systems are able to deliver such low energy consumption through a combination of features which together deliver the core benefit of excellent energy efficiency:

IntelliHeat has been delivering superior quality, stylish and ultra-efficient heating systems across the UK & Europe for the last 15 years. Having pioneered the advanced thermodynamic electric heating system on the UK market, we have been consistently developing ever-improving ultra-efficient, highly controllable and beautifully styled electric radiator systems. In parallel we have also developed a range of future proofed control systems which include full retrofit smart home automation systems, and the latest in self-learning smart-radiator technology which is fully controllable through a smartphone-based app, containing highly accurate energy monitoring software.

Since our inception our aim has always been to maximise energy efficiency to both reduce fuel costs and deliver a more environmentally friendly heating solution, our products are unique on the UK market, manufactured and tested to the highest standards, every heater from every range is designed to deliver efficiency, control, comfort and elegance to its user!

Recognising energy efficiency

A key matter under consideration is, of course, the energy performance of our Radiators and their capacity to influence wider EPC ratings through low energy consumption – As such we are currently working  to deliver energy ratings in line with the physical energy performance of the systems and help landlords achieve C or higher ratings without the requirement to invest tens of thousands of pounds on air/ground source heat pump systems, cavity walls, Triple glazing!

You may or may not be aware that next year private landlords won’t be able to let offices or flats which are below grade E – Hence the critical importance for homeowners and smaller landlords in the buy to let market, to identify cost-effective solutions to the replacement of existing night storage heaters! The new laws will become effective from the 1st of January 2018, therefore in under 5 months!

Targeting the national fuel crisis by delivering low-cost options with excellent efficiency properties.

Effectively it is essential to remember that this is not just a matter of the potential for Intelliheat, but much more importantly our products deliver a realistic low-cost option for such schemes as the Help to Heat scheme which could, therefore, lift numerous people out of fuel poverty, and reduce the wider energy load within the UK. Solving the current government problems of needing to meet lower emissions targets without requiring upfront costs for installation which simply make the schemes economically unviable.

Testing and certification

In terms of testing, our products carry the highest rating for energy efficiency the NF Electricite performance 3* eye rating and generate approximately 30% energy savings for a user for the same heat requirements as compared to other “electric heaters” systems.

All IntelliHeat Thermodynamic fluid radiators are further entirely compliant with:

  • EcoDesign legislation 2016
  • Building regs Part L2a compliance (requirement to have a minimum of 2 zones programmed for the property to ensure energy efficiency).
  • And the New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012 Acoustic & Visual signal for impaired when switching On & Off. Amendment dated 30 September 2014,    Case studies and Installations.