Building Regulations Part L Replacing storage heaters with Electric Central Heating

Electric Heating saves Energy & Fights Fuel Poverty

The government have shelved the Green Deal to concentrate on the big issue of Fuel Poverty in the UK, but there is a way to combat this while still achieving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

The problem

In most social housing and rental properties, storage heating is the main source of heating. These are also the properties where fuel poverty is most challenging, so here are 3 easy ways that Housing Associations and Landlords can make a huge impact on this government target, by saving up to 25% of energy consumption and removing all maintenance, servicing and gas safety inspection costs forever!

Replacing storage heaters with Intelligent Heating Electric Central Heating will:

Reduce energy consumption:
The patented core element and the TRIAC inside each radiator reduces energy consumption. It heats up twice as fast and the aluminium radiators mean that heat is transferred directly into the air, without losing its heat in the process.

The wireless heating controls on every electric radiator show real-time usage of every kW of energy and a built-in wireless touch screen with the ability to choose a specific temperature for each room or Zone – as and when you need it. Rooms not in use can be switched off completely, the kitchen can be set at a lower temperature, the bathroom and bedroom can be set warmer, just 1 degree less will save around £200 a year.

Electric heating, with zoning and a thermostat control on each electric radiator, is one solution to this problem, why heat a room when no one is using it? Electric heating zones with INTELLI HEAT is the right heat, wherever and whenever it’s wanted saving now. Comfort, economy and efficiency are greatly increased when a home is divided into zones covering all different living needs.

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

With no flue gasses pumping out into the street, it makes a major stand in reducing neighbourhood air pollution and of course, removes all risks of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This eliminates the additional costs of Gas Safe inspections and boiler services saving Landlords and Housing Associations thousands of needless pounds spent.

Use Renewable Energy sources: Intelli Heat electric radiators can be integrated with solar and photovoltaic panels, allowing Social Housing Landlords and HMO’s to use renewable energy sources to reduce heating costs even further and recover the costs of solar panel installation, even faster.

The Intelli Heat radiator choices are fully compliant with the new Part L Regs,  and Fully Complying with New Building Regulations Part L 1&2, New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012  (2015 – including the Acoustic and Visual signal for impaired) and New ECO DESIGN Legislation 2016.

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