before considering the purchase of electric radiators for your home

When considering the purchase of any electrical item for your home, the first consideration has to be the safety of your family.  All of Intelli Heat’s electric radiators are Class II rated which means that they are double insulated against the risk of electric shock.  Almost all of our competitor’s products are Class I – with only one layer of defence against this risk.

Another thing we are seeing more and more in other radiators is that the internal components – the heart of any electrical appliance – are being brought in from China and the Middle East.  Whilst this helps the retailers to keep their prices down, they are compromising quality and, ultimately, safety as well as performance.

All of Intelli Heat’s radiators are built in Italy and the components are produced by the market-leader in consumer electronics – also in Italy.  Every single radiator that comes out of their factory is guaranteed to be of the very best quality inside and out and each part that goes to make up the finished product can be traced right back to it’s origins.

This is not the case with many cheap products for sale on the web as the suppliers of all the parts are chosen with price in mind so could change from week to week?  It will be almost impossible to ascertain where each part of any individual radiator came from – and this in itself raises concerns.

Intelli Heat’s entire product electric heating range is fully programmable and controllable via a number of different controllers – either built-in, hard-wired or wireless. Not only can you set the on and off times for individual radiators or zones, you can also choose the set temperatures throughout the house.   This level of control and flexibility is something that is not present in the storage systems of most – if not all.

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