Will an Electric Towel Rail Heat My Bathroom? 

Here are the top six questions to ask before you buy an electric heated towel rail. They have many different names that include: Electric Towel Heater, Electric Towel Rail, Heated Towel Rail, Thermostatic Towel Heater, and Electric Towel Radiator. All these names refer to a similar appliance, but some of them have more features and controls than others.


Will an Electric Towel Rail Heat My Bathroom?

YES: Every bathroom towel heater from IntelliHeat will certainly heat your bathroom. There are different sizes and output to chose from and a simple floorplan or room size will enable us to select the best model to provide a toasty heat in your size of the bathroom. 

Is it safe to leave heated towel rail on?

It might be a concern that you go to work leaving the heated towel rail switched on, and will it stay on all day using unnecessary energy. For any Hotel manager, this question is most important with guests leaving appliances switched on when they leave their rooms. So, is it safe to leave a towel rail switched on? 

YES: All the IntelliHeat towel heaters have their own control programmer, where you can choose exactly how many minutes it should stay on after you leave the room or leave the house. In fact, our towel heaters are so smart, that they will switch themselves off when they detect no further movement in the room, or a door or window left open, saving you energy and saving your employees time. 

Is a heated towel rail as good as a radiator?

If you are refurbishing your bathroom or building a new Hotel, you may need to decide about whether to install a heated towel rail or a radiator in the bathroom, so is an electric towel heater just as good as a radiator? 

YES: The heated towel rails made by IntelliHeat are all very efficient electric radiators with the added benefit of a shape and style to enable you to dry towels on it at the same time. IntelliHeat Towel Heaters are also radiators, but some other brands have radiators that are NOT suitable as towel rails, so make sure you choose one that is designed to do both jobs. IntelliHeat manufacture the only towel heaters available in the UK that comply with Eco Design Lot 20, the European efficiency Standard. 

Balneum Eco+ Towel Rail back-lit LCD thermostat
Balneum Eco+ Towel Rail back-lit LCD thermostat

Will an electric towel rail heat my bathroom?

If space is a premium in your bathroom, or you have a large Hotel and need to get maximum benefit from your expenditure. Do you need to have a radiator and a towel heater in your bathroom or will one appliance do two jobs? 

YES: One electric towel heater from IntelliHeat will do both jobs with only one cost. Our electric towel heaters are also very energy efficient radiators and will warm the bathroom to your selected temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. This is a massive benefit for small houses, Housing Associations, Hotels and Hospitals, where only one cost is necessary to provide energy efficient heating and safe towel drying in every bathroom. 

How much electricity does a towel rail use?

This is an important question when adding any new appliance to your home, business premises or Hotel and the ongoing costs are a big consideration. Here is the answer to how much electricity does a towel radiator use? 

Up to 30% LESS:  IntelliHeat Towel Heaters use up to 30% LESS energy than other brands, reducing the cost of energy bills and compliant with ECO design – Lot 20 European Regulations. Here is why they are so efficient: 

1: Gauge energy consumption: An automatic indicator is built into the design, showing the level of energy consumption being used in real time, according to the temperature setting.

2: Power consumption indicator. Showing the estimated amount of energy consumed in kWh since your last bill. 

3:  Opened window detection: Automatic switching to off (frost protection mode) when the device detects a significant drop in temperature from an open door or window.

4: 7 day and daily Programming. You can programme each day of the week differently, to be on more at weekends when the family is home, and with five different settings, ranging from on and offset times, to non-stop Comfort, or non-stop Eco savings.

Do Heated Towel Rails have Eco-design compliant Thermostats? 

An important question before you make a purchase online or in a shop that could be disastrous if you just assume that heated towel rails are all the same. So, make sure you ask the question: Does it have a built-in thermostat? 

YES: Every Towel heater manufactured by IntelliHeat has much more than just a thermostat. It has a programmer to set a 7-day programme giving you endless choice of low background heat, warm comfort heat or on and off times as you wish according to your presence in the house and family needs. You will have precision accuracy over the temperature you desire and total control It complies with all EU Standards of safety and efficiency and is the ONLY towel radiator available in the UK to comply with ECO Design and Lot 20 Regulations. 

Our Towel rails come with a built-in Eco-design 7 day LCD thermostat programmer. The Eco-design thermostat enables scheduled times and temperatures to be set by the minute for each day, with a different program for each day.

Balneum ecodesign electric towel rails with Ecodesign thermostat

  • Boost feature,

  • Real-Time Energy consumption in kWh or £.

  • Child anti-tamper, keypad lock, 7 day and daily program integrated,

  • Open window detection,

  • Class II, IP44.