Why electric heating?

Intelli Heat Electric radiators may be installed anywhere: in apartments, houses and chalets, offices, stores, hotels and bars, or in schools, gyms, hospitals, nursing homes. Integrating an electric radiator to an existing heating system, preferring it to more commonly systems available today (convector heaters, portable heating stoves etc.) is not only a very elegant solution, but it also allows to add great value to the property where it is installed.

Our electric radiators make the most of aluminium’s natural properties. This means that they heat up quickly and are incredibly light. Equipped with real aluminium side panels, Intelli heat electric heating are completely environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable and are meticulously manufactured in Italy.

Several thorough quality checks, from raw material to final product with the highest possible score as a standard, also for design. Chose from 600 Watts to 1800 Watts output sizes. Please remember: thinking ahead means excelling, also when it comes to energy saving.

cali avanti electric heating

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