When to turn heating on in Autumn

Ever wondered when the best time is to turn your heating on in autumn? This is a question we get asked a lot.

Come autumn, the colder weather has begun, and we will soon need to switch on the heating system as the days are getting colder. So, how can you delay using the full heating system for as long as possible, but still be warm and comfortable while showering and dressing in the mornings and evenings? 

Experts recommend turning on your central heating on around end of October, as this is when daylight saving time ends and temperatures begin to fall.

Install an Electric Towel Radiator

It only needs a small vertical section of wall and your bathroom or kitchen can be warm and cosy in minutes.  Warm to get in and out of the shower and drape your clothes on it before dressing to get warm and stay warm from the inside out.  No need to run a 30 Kilowatt Gas Boiler (and wake everyone in the house), no need to heat up every room before you get any slight warmth in the bathroom or kitchen. Get heat instantly, when you need it, for just as long as you need. 

When you switch the electric towel radiator off, it will still radiate its residual heat for long enough to dry off the wet towels and stay warm enough for the ladies to do your hair, or apply your makeup and for the men to shave and contemplate the day’s activities. 
You should be able to delay turning on the heating system until the temperature drops below 5 degrees, but for September and October, you could make up to a 35% saving on your energy bill this quarter,  and still keep warm and cosy.

sophia electric towel warmer; electric towel rail, designer towel rail
Intelli Heat White Electric Towel Rail 500w

Here are 3 ways that replacing your current system with IntelliHeat Electric Radiators will fulfil all these requirements AND give you up to 35% reduction in your current fuel bills, with no annual maintenance or servicing costs – EVER! 

Reduction in energy consumption: the patented core class 2 double insulated element inside each Electric Towel Radiator drastically reduces energy consumption. It heats up twice as fast as other brand radiators, and the aluminium radiators mean that heat is transferred directly into the air, without losing any of its heat in the process. Unlike Gas heating systems, where much of the heat is lost in the labyrinth of water pipes under your floors, needlessly heating uninhabitable spaces.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: With no more flue gasses pumping out into the street, you will be making a major stand in reducing the air pollution in your neighbourhood and of course, removing all risks of carbon Monoxide poisoning for your family.  

Renewable Energy source: IntelliHeat Electric Towel Radiator can be integrated with solar and photovoltaic panels, allowing you to make maximum use of renewable energy sources. Power your own heating system and recover the costs of your solar panel installation, even faster. 

Here’s the Technical Stuff: 

Balneum Eco+ Electric Towel Radiator:
Equipped with a back-lit LCD thermostat, the Balneum Eco+ Towel Rail provides the same levels of control, efficiency, and comfort as all other IntelliHeat Ecodesign compliant products.
Accurate to within 0.1 degrees, you can be sure your bathroom or kitchen will be heated consistently and comfortably, never too cold or, indeed, too hot!
Available in White or Chrome, 500w or 750w output. Robust Steel body with rust-resistant epoxy paint finish.
• Fully Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant
• Real-time energy consumption indicator
• 7-day and daily program integrated
• Instant adjustable boost mode
• PIN code lock
• Open window detection
• Class II, IP44 | NF Bureau VERITAS, BS, CE certified

Balneum ecodesign Towel Heaters install
Balneum Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant Electric Towel Rail

Upgrade your thermostat to save money on bills

Future-proof your home or office by upgrading to an Intelli Heat smart thermostat, which can be controlled from your phone or pc, will increase your home’s value and desirability to buyers, but smart thermostats can also provide greater accuracy in thermostat to individually radiators communication, preventing energy from being wasted.

When the temperature in the room gets warmer then it should be, the thermostat kicks in, the iSense perfectly regulates the desired temperature of the room (by 0.1 degree) keeping it consistent. When the desired temperature is achieved, the thermostat cycles by turning off and begins again as needed. f it is old or malfunctioning, you will either find that the room is too warm or too cold for comfort, and that you will pay a fortune in electricity bills.

If you are looking to reduce energy bills while increasing convenience and comfort, upgrading your thermostat will allow you to enjoy energy savings that directly translates to money savings, replacing your old storage heaters, boiler with either a fully programmable or i-SENSE smart thermostat is a move that we highly recommend.

Mysense Multi zone heating control system by Intelli heat
Intelli Heat heating control App connected to smart thermostat

Always on the go?
Make it WiFi with our optional MySense Link.
With the INTELLI HEAT free Heating control App, you can connect and control other products such as lighting, appliances and hot water via WiFi.

Curva Designer Towel Radiators

Sleek and stylish, the Curva Towel Radiator with its stunning, minimalist vertical design is ideal for small and larger areas.
More than just a towel warmer, Curva offers heating solutions that blend perfectly with your interior without compromise.
Available in Vertical or Horizontal, 800w and 1000w output, with a range of rail and hook accessories. Any Colours on request.

Creative Radiators decorative radiators install in a bathroom
Creative Radiators decorative radiators install in a bathroom

If you would like to know more, get in touch and book a free call back telephone consultation” we can help you with your new heating system.