What is Smart Home Automation ? Whapp How does it work

What is Smart Home Automation

It is a revolutionary way of controlling your electric heating system – room by room, from anywhere in the world with internet access, using your smartphone or tablet.

But not just your heating – you also have complete control over your other electrical systems, such as: lighting, air conditioning, hot water, intruder alarm, & electric gates and roller shutters.

Why is Home Automation useful?

  • The new ‘app’ means that if you can’t get home for any reason, or want to stay over and go home tomorrow, you can simply turn off your heating, or turn it down to a lower temperature while you are away.
  • If you are on holiday and the weather freezes back home, you can just turn on the heating in whichever rooms you choose, for as long as you choose, to protect your home from freezing.
  • If the train is delayed and you are running late home, just turn on the lights in the hall, lounge and kitchen, so it looks to possible intruders that someone is home.
  • Need to get changed and rush out again? Just give the hot water a quick blast while you drive home, so it is all ready and waiting for you.
  • Sitting comfy in the middle of a film and don’t want to miss any? Then just use the app to turn on the hallway light, or dim the lounge lights without even moving from your chair.
  • Perfect for anyone who is living with reduced mobility and finds it difficult or time consuming to get to the light switch, or turn the heating up.

What is it called?

We have given it a name that is hard to forget: we call it the WHAPP which stands for: Wireless Heating Automation app – WHAPP!

It also saves you money!

It will reduce your energy consumption and lower your heating bills, now that you have total 24/7 control over every room temperature, settings and every kilowatt of energy being used in your home or offices while you are not there.
It is easy to use and easy to set up. Just plug in, download, and away you go…

Visit: www.intelligentheat.co.uk and Watch our Youtube Video Here