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Cali Sense Eco design features and performance compared to storage heaters

Cali Sense | quality electric radiators Eco design Features and energy performance picture

Electric Radiators eco-design certifications and energy performance Most electric radiators on the market in the UK have a basic CE, the Cali Sense is NF Performance *** + fully compliant with the new UK EcoDesign 2018 lot 20 directive, and...

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Storage Heaters same old story, How to improve your heating and save Money

inefficient storage-heating-system

“I have storage heaters that are about 25 years old. There is no gas in our village and I dread every winter as my electricity bill more than doubles during this period due to using these heaters. I have done...

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Good advise: a low-cost electric heating system is crucial

Intelli heat Electric radiators Now this is one option that may not seem like an energy efficient one, but you may be surprised to learn that some electric radiators are as much as 25 per cent cheaper to run than...

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