• Direct Heat
  • Comfortable Heat
  • Total Accuracy
  • Simple Installation

Through perfect precision all IntelliHeat electric heating systems deliver exactly the right heat load where and when you need it, giving you both excellent efficiency and complete user comfort.

Direct Heat Transfer

IntelliHeat heating systems are designed to deliver maximal comfort for minimal energy consumption, this is achieved thanks to our unique patented ACS thermodynamic fluid which expands within seconds to deliver a 100% hot point effect across the entire surface of the radiator.

This ensures the unit will begin heating the area within 60 seconds of activation. Heat is then maintained across the unit whilst energy consumption drops and even stops at times, thanks to our supercharged Class II heating elements.

Comfortable Heat

Through a perfect combination of natural convection and radiant heat distribution our products minimise air flow through the heating area, this, in turn, prevents dust from circulating on the heated air. With Italian flair, quality, and patented efficiency, this unique collection will deliver comfort and energy efficiency to your home through a natural aesthetically stunning  designer heating system

The heat you will receive from our heating system is a comfortable non-dry natural feeling that will remind you of a clean summer air.

Comfortable and Safe

Our systems are designed to ensure maximum comfort with full user safety. Each IntelliHeat unit has a maximum surface temperature of 63° which prevents thermal burn to the skin. This means our systems are ideal for vulnerable individuals and children.

Comfortable Heat Transfer

Total Accuracy

Cali Sense, Eco Design, Lot 20 Compliant electric Radiators thermostat

All IntelliHeat products are manufactured with a built-in high sensitivity thermostat accurate to within 0.1°. This enables precise flexibility of temperature bespoke to each heating area.

The ability to set specific programmes and temperatures for each room is a key differentiator between our products and most competitor systems. These non-compliant heaters typically operate from a single central thermostat in the property estimating a central temperature to within +/-2° and +/-4°.

Simple Installation

All our systems require only a simple installation, with no need for piping or major works the installation is quick, easy and cost-efficient. All our Electric Central Heating systems are easy and fast to install which means minimal installation costs, and of course no need for pipework or gas. Delivering the comfort of a brand new ultra-efficient comfortable heating system in a single day!
intelli heat electric radiators installation