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Intelli Heat ecodesign heaters ranges, efficiency features, and benefits.

Our R&D has been a continuous drive to deliver a more efficient form of electric heating system which stands out from all other forms of direct heat transfer, including panel heaters, convection heaters, oil filled radiators, radiant heat and alternative forms of thermodynamic radiators which have recently appeared on the UK market.

Every heater is designed to deliver efficiency, control, and comfort through a unique combination of interdependent, highly accurate temperature control, energy consumption regulating and heat distribution features.







Intelli Heat Ecodesign heaters ranges will replace the out of date brick-filled storage heaters with smaller, modern, cast aluminium electric radiators that use a Thermodynamic fluid to heat them in minutes, and radiating heat directly to the occupants, reaching their optimum desired temperature in every single room – individually – and using up to 35% less electricity to achieve it.