Reduce your energy bills by installing electric central heating

Reduce your energy bills by installing electric heating

For years, electric heating has been seen as a last resort for homeowners and developers alike.  It has been considered expensive, uncontrollable and – more often than not – ugly.

Thanks to companies like IntelliHeat though, this preconception is changing.  Their advanced electric heating systems are not only cost effective when compared with ‘traditional’ electric heating systems but also offer incredibly stylish designer radiators which will complement any interior.

The major benefits of these radiators are their efficiency, ease of control and ease of installation.  And with the advanced programming and monitoring systems – either built in or remote controlled – a minimal amount of energy is used to ensure comfortable heating when and where is it needed.

Gone are the days of an entire system being controlled by one set of on-and-off times and temperatures, now each individual room can have its own program – after all, why heat your bedrooms at a time when everyone is in the lounge of an evening?

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