Government Energy Grant twelve questions about efficient Electric Radiators

For every family hoping to utilise the new Government Energy Grant to replace their old boiler or inefficient night storage heating, here are twelve questions about efficient Electric Radiators that will separate the myths and assumptions from the statistics and the facts. 

IntelliHeat Wifi Electric Radiators | installation of smart electric heaters Before and After
replace old boiler or brick filled night storage heating system

Efficient Electric Heating systems are now light years ahead of the old fashioned heated bricks and fossil-fuelled pumping hot water systems, and the Government Grant is to encourage families and businesses to use greener energy systems which are easier to control and much less wasteful of heat. 

So here are the 12 most important questions to ask before you make your decision and the answers. Remember that electric heating works in a different way to fossil fuels, AND, that not ALL electric radiators are the same. For Families, businesses and installers wondering which system to choose, these vital questions and answers form an easy guide to making that important decision. 

When comparing different heating systems and methods, there are 12 basic questions to ask, that will reveal the underlying energy use and effective operation of each system. They will all switch on and heat up, but the way they operate, and use energy can be completely different. These twelve questions will form your in-depth investigation of HOW they utilise energy.

Will each radiator display how much energy it is using?

YES: iSense has a Real-Time Energy Use display which shows you exactly how many Watts are being used as you use them. You will know precisely how much you are spending on each radiator, each zone or the whole central heating. When each radiator reaches temperature, the Watt usage drops to a minimum while it radiates the heat. They heat up in seconds using a special thermodynamic fluid inside – not an old-fashioned wire coil. 

my sense smart radiators energy monitoring
Efficient Electric radiator displaying how much energy it is using

Does each radiator have Open Window Detection?

YES: This is an incredible power-saving feature. If you get too hot and open a window, or leave a door open; all our smart electric radiator will detect this and automatically turn the radiator into frost protection mode, only to resume the previous setting as soon as the radiator no longer detects temperature fluctuations saving needless wasted energy and cost. This is particularly beneficial for commercial offices, where the occupants of one room may leave windows open, without the need for on-site supervision.

Does it have Self Learning settings?

YES: each radiator has its own 24/7 thermostat programmer which can be controlled remotely from a cloud-based dashboard. Eco Cali-Sense has Advanced time, proportional and integral or TPI Settings which means that it will learn the usual behaviour of the occupants and notice if you suddenly set the temperature too high. Unoccupied programmed rooms will automatically reduce their temperature to save energy and money. TPI means Time Proportional & Integral control, which is an industry-standard term for an On/Off control using an advanced digital cloud-based dashboard to control the complete heating system in every room from a laptop, tablet or phone – without needing a person to run from room to room turning radiators up or down. 

Does each radiator have its own thermostat control?

Yes: Every radiator comes complete with its own built-in touch screen energy-saving thermostat accurate to 0.1˚C and acts quickly to maintain a consistent temperature. Just set your desired minimum temperature in each room or zone and leave IntelliHeat to keep the room within an accuracy of 0.1 degrees of your desired temperature. You can choose a different temperature for each day of the week, and each hour of the day. Low while you are out at work, and higher when you are home in the evenings and at weekends. Off in the bedrooms until evening, and on all day in the room of a new baby or elderly relative. You do not need every radiator chugging out the same heat in every room at the same time and an enormous waste of energy. 

Touch screen thermostat for isense wifi radiators by Intelli Heat
Touch screen energy-saving thermostat

Does it have Pin code lock Child Protection Feature?

YES: The PIN Lock on every radiator will prevent children from burning themselves by turning up the heat without you realising it. Children cannot press the buttons and increase the heat by accident or without your knowledge, so no heating turned up and left on. It is also ideal for rental properties where landlords require full heating control of their properties and for Hotels, Guesthouses and offices, where occupants might turn up the heating and then go our all day. Moreover, the pin code is an extremely useful features for landlords who need to have control of  their heating in their rented properties to keep an eye on their energy cost when they are responsible for the properties’ energy bills.

Are the Controls Accessible by disabled or frail older people?

YES: The temperature control is located on the top of every electric radiator at waist height, which means there is no need to reach to the floor or behind the sofa to change the temperature. A simple feature that can have a huge impact on and elderly or disabled occupants. Perfect for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility. The Cali Sense also complies with the latest Eco Design “LOT 20” directives 2015/2018 and incorporates a sound beep on pressing, so that the user knows that each press has been effective. 

Is there an Automatic Frost Protection & Night Temperature control?

YES: No need to worry about freezing while you are away for a few days, or the temperature dropping below freezing in the night. Set the minimum 7 Degree temperature and the Cali-Sense will turn on automatically. This is useful for residents living in areas that have regularly bad weather, and for offices that may be closed over weekends or for two weeks at Christmas. No more risks of burst pipes and water leaks ever again – and this will also reduce your insurance risk and therefore payments.

Is it Easy to Install?

YES: Anyone who can use a drill and screwdriver can install a radiator in half an hour. Just 4 screws to hold the two metal brackets, where the electric radiator hooks on. It can be hard-wired or by simply connecting a plug to the cable it can be plugged into the nearest 13amp plug socket. There is also a screw-in lock that prevents anyone from unplugging it and taking it home! This means that you can replace old inefficient storage heaters in half a day and choose from 5 different sizes with outputs from 750W – 2000W. Thermodynamic aluminium radiators are fully recyclable, and the radiator body is guaranteed up to 10 years. No need to lift floors, cut holes in ceilings and walls, move furniture or lift carpets. Making them quick, easy and cheap to install compared with all other heating systems.

What is the Annual Maintenance Cost? 

Nothing at all! Eco-Cali-Sense is totally maintenance-free. No annual Gas boiler services, No Landlords Gas Safety Inspections and ZERO CARBON MONOXIDE. Nothing to breakdown, no repairs or call out charges, no more weekends in the cold with a broken heating system. No floors to lift, no pipes to leak or burst, and the total cost for a full system in a whole house, is less than a third of replacing just your old Gas Boiler.

Does it have a Smart Home Automation Option? 

YES: Every radiator comes with the controls built-in. However, the Isense Wi-Fi radiator can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet or laptop using an ‘APP’ so you can turn on your heating while you are on the train, or turn it off if you decide not to come home. You can run off the bathroom radiator while you sit in front of the TV, or control 200 offices in 6 different buildings all over the country, from just one laptop using the online cloud-based control dashboard. Property management and energy cost saving from the comfort of your chair. No need to drive around from building to building. 

Does it make any noise when on? 

NO: The Cali Sense radiator body is made entirely from the best quality Aluminium and is completely silent, no clanking noises when ON or cooling down, no sounds of water rushing, and no pipes to expand and contract causing noises under the floor or in the ceilings.

Is it economical to run?

YES: The IntelliHeat electric radiators have been awarded NF Certification, the highest Certifications for energy efficiency, product quality and SMART usage. Certified by LCIE Bureau Veritas lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures. From extensive product testing to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of the product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn their certification. Most importantly, NF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing of facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. Products that earn NF certification display the applicable NF certification mark to show that they have been tested by one of today’s most respected independent product testing organizations in the world. 

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