Philosophy and Approach

Intelli Heat Smart Electric Heating systems the cornerstones of our philosophy: Efficiency, Control, Comfort, Elegance.

Energy Efficiency.

IntelliHeat's Smart Electric Heating systems are one of the most advanced Electric Radiators available in the UK. By combining motion sensors, open window detection, self-learning programming and built-in WiFi, our new iSense range works with the user to optimise energy saving settings.

IntelliHeat have been studying the Internet of Things (IoT) concept for a number of years now to understand how best to integrate this WiFi connectivity revolution into the most energy-thirsty devices in our homes and offices: the smart electric heating system.

It is this concept of a truly Smart Electric Heating systems which we are now able to offer clients. By combining motion sensors, open window detection, self-learning programming and built-in WiFi, our new iSense range works with the user to optimise settings, rather than the user just telling the radiator what to do.

This means our smart radiators can detect when the room is in use, and when the heating is programmed to be on. Our iSense range will, therefore, understand the user’s lifestyle and recommend programming optimisations, continuously reducing any energy wastage by only heating the areas which are in use.

Each one of our heating units is made of high-grade pure aluminium to maximise conductivity, and filled with our patented thermodynamic fluid which has been tested in controlled environments to deliver optimal heat transfer.

All our ranges are designed according to strict new UKCA Marking, Ecodesign Lot 20, CE, NF, Veritas, BS and ROHS specifications; the units are extremely elegant, but this is not the main function of our designs. In fact, the structure of every radiator is calculated to deliver maximum levels of heat radiation and deliver natural convection within the allocated heating space. This ensures that the heat is transferred to the most efficient and comfortable way, directly to the occupants of the room to provide the perfect heat distribution.

isense wi-fi electric radiators cutout thermodynamic technology

Cali Sense Cutout - Thermodynamic Technology

Every IntelliHeat radiator is further equipped with an advanced Class-II heating element, which rapidly absorbs energy to heat up within seconds and then slowly releases this energy into the fluid to deliver heat, with minimal energy consumption. The Cali Sense range, which was designed specifically according to the key principles of Ecodesign Lot 20, provides our customers with an average up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to old storage heater, panel heaters or non-intelligent control electric heaters.

Smart Electric Heating Control.

A smart way to control your electric heating. Imagine advanced technological features, Italian aesthetics and the specific heating requirements of rooms individually programmed for each self learning, WiFi-controlled electric radiator. The ability to further reduce your energy bill is built into every smart electric radiator.

All our smart radiators come with a built-in 7 day LCD thermostat programmer. The Cali Sense thermostat enables scheduled times and temperatures to be set hourly for each day, with a different half of an hour program for each day, and seven preset programs.

Our thermostats are accurate to within 0.1° to ensure the temperature you set is the one you enjoy. Unlike most gas, oil or alternative old storage heaters, each IntelliHeat radiator comes with a built-in LCD thermostat programmer accurate to within 0.1°. This enables them to be individually programmed to follow exact hourly, daily and weekly heating regime. This in-depth self learning programmability gives users full control over when and where to draw heat, ensuring full comfort and maximum efficiency throughout the property.

Heating accounts for the largest percentage of Britain’s household energy use by far. One reason for this is that we are heating the whole home, even though we are only using a few rooms at a time. This is a very inefficient process. It is similar to leaving all of the hot taps on in the house just to wash your hands in the kitchen. IntelliHeat offers a range of central control systems to enable users to zone their heaters, controlling them individually or in groups from a single central control panel which can be either wall-mounted or smartphone-based.

With IntelliHeat zoning, economy and efficiency are greatly increased. Zoning* enables the homeowner to separate time and temperature control patterns for the living and sleeping areas of the home. Heating available on-demand, wherever and whenever you need it.

*Fully Complying with the Part L Conservation of fuel and power, Approved Document L1A L2 A (Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations.)

My sense app Control for isense wifi radiators by intelli heat
intelli-heat- electric-heating-Zoning

Multi-Zone Electric Central Heating

IntelliHeat is one of the only providers on the UK market to supply built-in WiFi-equipped Electric Radiators, the iSense. Our WiFi-enabled products will integrate effortlessly into your MySense app-based controller or alternative smart home systems. The MySense Free App is available for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Comfort Heating .

Through perfect precision all IntelliHeat smart electric heating systems deliver exactly the right heat load where and when you need it, giving you both excellent efficiency and complete user comfortable heating. Intelli Heat is the ideal balance of comfort and energy efficiency.

IntelliHeat heating systems are designed to deliver maximal comfort for minimal energy consumption. This is achieved by direct heat transfer thanks to our unique patented ACS thermodynamic fluid, which expands within seconds to deliver a 100% hot point effect across the entire surface of the radiator. This ensures the unit will begin heating the area within 60 seconds of activation. Heat is then maintained across the unit whilst energy consumption drops and even stops at times, thanks to our supercharged Class-II heating elements.

Through a perfect combination of natural convection and radiant heat distribution our products minimise air flow through the heating area, this, in turn, prevents dust from circulating on the heated air. With Italian flair, quality and patented efficiency, this unique collection will deliver comfort and energy efficiency to your home through a natural aesthetically stunning designer heating system

The heat you will receive from our heating system is a comfortable non-dry natural feeling that will remind you of clean summer air.

Cali Sense electric heating with EcoDesign complaint thermostat controls.

Direct Heat Transfer

Our systems are designed to ensure maximum comfort with full user safety. Each IntelliHeat unit has a maximum surface temperature of 63° which prevents thermal burn to the skin. This means our systems are ideal for vulnerable individuals and children.

Elegance & Style

By combining flair and functionality, IntelliHeat delivers outstanding efficiency and amazing comfort, whilst bringing a touch of elegance to every room.

All our heating products are designed by Italian professional design teams and manufactured according to stringent French, British quality control (NF performance).

Imagine a Ferrari with the “savoir-faire” of French champagne and you will understand why IntelliHeat is the only thermodynamic electric heating system that is as truly elegant as it is excellent. With Italian flair, quality, and patented heating efficiency, this unique exclusive collection will deliver comfort and energy efficiency to your home.

All IntelliHeat radiators are made of 100% high-grade aluminum. Creative Radiators products are all made of 100% recycled marble in made-to-order sizes on a range of our radiators including the Marmo, Curva, and Natura.

Our bespoke Creative Radiators come in a number of different colours and bespoke shapes. Design your electric heating system to become a unique feature within your home, custom coloured in any style, retro and contemporary designs with a choice of base materials and colourations to match to your home’s palette. The heater can truly be a work of art in your front room, any image can be printed on the radiator upon request.

A powerful emitter of radiant heat which will give you a comfortable and natural feeling of warmth. The ultimate in Italian quality, design and sustainability.

Creative Radiators designer radiators in Bedroom london

Designer Electric Radiators