The New NEEDO energy saving Electric towel rail

Bathroom Luxury that saves money – guaranteed intelli heat designer electric towel rails,

The New NEEDO energy saving Electric towel rail has just launched into the stylish Electric radiators collection exclusively from Intelliheat. The rapid warmth is being achieved using the patented ACS heating technology that reduces the use of electricity by 30% with a 5 year guarantee. Towels are not only warm, but dry in minutes and the temperature of the bathroom can programmed to alter from warm and luxurious, to minimum temperature whilst you are out a work, at the touch of the button. Creating a flexible heating solution that only uses energy when you want to benefit from it. In its simplicity, a revolutionary product: a breaking-ground design that uncovers the possibilities of the third dimension in implementing a central axis and two swivelling parts, in order to acquire more space when space is needed and improving the drying process. Available in white and red or white and brown, an additional touch of color in a modern bathroom. SS_A

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