NEEDO Electric heating System, the world’s first fully KNX certified electric radiator.

NEEDO Electric heating System is proud to announce the world’s first fully KNX certified electric radiator.

Intelligent Building Control with KNX

You might not believe it, but for most people, their car is a lot more intelligent than their existing home or workplace. It has energy management systems, and easily-controllable security, lighting, climate control, audio and entertainment systems. This level of control at home or at work is only a dream for many, but it need not be. With the installation of an intelligent building control system, all of this is possible in the home

What is KNX?

KNX is the world’s only open standard for building control. It is a building management system designed to control lighting, blinds/curtains, Electric heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security, entertainment systems and energy management throughout a building. It can be installed into a new or existing development, and because KNX-based network is hierarchical, it is equally suited to the smallest home or the largest commercial development.

Energy saving is one of the key features of a KNX-enabled building control system. KNX lighting control systems can be configured to turn lights on when someone enters the room, to monitor daylight levels, and dim or turn off lights when enough ambient light is present. Temperature levels can be regulated in individual rooms, set to different temperatures and Needo Electric Heating switched on or off, up or down depending on the occupancy, and so greatly increasing the energy efficiency of the electric heating system.

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