Is time to specify intelli heat electric heating

There’s something of a renaissance for electric heating taking place across the UK, and many architects, builders are seriously considering electric central heating as an option in new build; particularly in refurbishment projects where the installation time and costs,  as well as on-going heating bills can be lower than with traditional wet heating systems.

In fact, the majority of our business is replacing storage heating systems due to their well known drawbacks such as, producing dry air, being bulky and unattractive, producing warmth in the morning and afternoon but fizzling out from the early evening, lack of control/programming, and, having to predict the next day’s weather, otherwise, albeit storing energy on a cheap rate overnight, that could be wasted if lesser or no heating is necessary the next day. Yes you can keep all the existing economy 7 wiring and just replace them with the intelli heat electric radiators.

To briefly explain our systems, all our radiators are designed to be thermo-efficient and incorporate advanced technology to ensure a highly energy efficient performance, thus ensuring a low consumption of energy. They provide comfortable, flexible and fully controllable heating throughout your home or business exactly where and when needed, no plumbing is required, and they are quick and inexpensive to install. In many older building refurbishments, and conversions of buildings to residential usage, not having to install complex pipework can make a huge saving to the project costs.

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