Intelli Heat – the power behind heat control

Intelli Heat – the power behind heat control

Save electricity, save money. That’s the promise from Intelli Heat, that has just launched a range of stylish electric radiators that offer great heat control where electricity is the preferred option or where gas/oil are not viable heating options.

Our electric radiators provide a fast, energy-efficient heating system that can be zoned for up to 50 rooms, with each one heated to a different temperature. Our controls also allow these temperatures to fluctuate through the day, so it is a completely controllable system. And, when coupled with Needo smart  monitor, there is a massive opportunity to cut electricity bills.

Intelli Heat’s electric radiators are filled with a thermo-dynamic fluid (intelli heat patented 1999) that absorbs heat quickly but releases it more slowly than water. Rooms are heated quickly to the required temperature while using only the exact amount of energy required. Intelli Heat provides comfortable and fully controllable heating throughout your home or business exactly when required, without the cost of a boiler, plumbing, re-wiring and the disruption caused by installing a conventional central heating energy programmer 2

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