Intelli Heat Electric Heating solution to replacing old, ugly storage heaters.

The vast majority of enquiries we get from our clients are about replacing their old, ugly and – quite frankly useless – storage heaters. The idea of building up a store of heat overnight to be used during the day is all well and good if you only want to be warm until the middle of the morning!  After that time, the stored heat has all been used and if you need to continue heating your home, you will pay through the nose for the electricity to do so. And aside from the fact that to use these heaters is expensive – they tend to look awful, too!  They are huge, bulky and incredibly heavy.  I can’t imagine there are many decors that they compliment.. More and more people are realising that their electric heating system should work around them and their lifestyle and not the other way round – and that it can look good, too! Intelli heat electric central heating

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