Intelli Heat electric heating crazy competition watch the video


This week is traditionally the biggest shopping week before Christmas and includes the day they call ‘Black Friday’ where everyone goes crazy to order online, in time to arrive before Christmas.

Here is our Intelli Heat electric heating crazy offer:

For everyone who sends us an email, Twitter message, or Facebook message and tells us the answer to our question, you can Buy the Acanto Electric Towel Heaters for just Half Price. (RRP £300) only £150

The answer to the question is actually hidden in this 3 minute video

All you need now is the question:

  • What are the two reasons for the safety device that is fitted to every Intelli Heat electric radiator ?

Don’t Forget:

There is always time to buy and install Intelli Heat electric heating in time for Christmas, because we have plenty of stock, right here in the UK, at our HQ near Cambridge, and we can deliver to anywhere in the UK within a few days. That’s why we decided to have a fun competition for Black Friday. So have a go, and grab a half price towel heater today! Good Luck

HELISEA Acanto electric Towel Rail intelli heat

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