In line with government targets and directives Intelli heat, have invested in product developments that respect the environment and energy cost savings for everyone.

This has been achieved with patented ACS electric heating products that are discreet, elegant and create a controlled and measured the comfortable affordable, green way of staying warm.

Electricity stands today more convincingly than ever as the energy efficient, low carbon, future-proof heating system of choice. As the industry evolves Intelli heat have lead the way with high levels of R&D investments creating cutting edge effective and affordable electric heating systems.
The Intelli heat electric heating system is fully controllable, with each unit being entirely autonomous, and allows users to control their entire system through the use of a smart energy programmer, or even an app.

Our electric heating systems are extremely efficient, offering users savings of up to 35% compared to traditional electrical heating. Furthermore, this saving can be visualised from day one thanks to the energy use tracker which is a live graphically enhanced feature of all Intelli heat system home controllers.intelli heat electric radiator

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