How can I control my Electric Heating remotely and effectively?

Wi-Fi Controlled Electric Central Heating. 

Intelli Heat is a Uk based supplier and installer of wifi electric heating, with the mission of tackling the two biggest issues in the UK right now: Fuel Poverty and Climate Change. 

With the current state of the economy at its lowest for decades, and unemployment rising quickly as businesses fail to survive; millions of people are struggling to eat and living in cold homes as they cannot afford the heating bills. Climate change is on the lips of Politicians and long-term policies to ban fossil fuels are being brought forward from the next decade to the next 2 or 3 years.

Now, it is quickly becoming a social disgrace to fire up a 30-Kilowatt gas boiler, or 20 Kilowatt of inefficient storage heaters that heat the whole house, spouting carbon-monoxide poisonous fumes out into the air when there is an alternative option of switching on 3 renewable energy electric radiators using 5 Kilowatts in total, in just the rooms you are using, with no poison gasses, no leaks, gas escape dangers, and a huge reduction in energy costs. 

Older people living alone SHOULD have the option of heating their sitting room while they are in it, and their bathroom and bedroom, just before they need it; without heating the whole house or remaining freezing cold, AND being able to afford to pay the heating bill.  Most people do not realise that even if they turn off radiators in other rooms, the gas boiler still uses 30 Kilowatts to turn on and heat just 1 radiator, it does not save ANY energy at all. 

Electric Heating Systems work differently…

The IntelliHeat brand of iSense Wi-Fi Electric Radiators is fully compliant with Eco-Design Lot 20, Energy Efficiency legislation, which means there is no central boiler chugging away in a cupboard, no pipes full of water under floors and ceilings to leak and maintain, no poison fumes to be expelled, no gas leaks to be tested for every year, and you only heat the rooms you need, as you need them, reducing energy costs of up to 38% compared to LPG, oil or storage heaters.

Picture isense wifi electric Radiators with Mysense App
Picture isense wifi electric Radiators with MySense App

Wi-Fi Controlled Electric Heating. 

The IntelliHeat wifi electric radiators are fitted with their own independent, unique built-in Wi-Fi module to the user’s broadband, and can be controlled in many different ways. The Homeowner can log in to their own Mysense secure, cloud-based, intuitive heating app which acts as an efficient remote electric heating control, to turn on or off, up, or down, any individual radiator in the system, a zone, or the entire building, view statistics and reports like consumption, temperatures, savings from anywhere via his or her laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

No need to carry around a little box, or fit receivers, gateway and wire transmitters to the walls, this is the Rolls Royce version of remote heating control systems. Unlike other heating solutions, the iSense fast wifi connection between the products means no additional equipment or fittings are needed. IntelliHeat MySense is a complete wireless electric heating control system, where the App user-friendly dashboard will learn the usual habits of each user, your daily routine – whether it is a large hotel, school, business or hospital with up to 1,000 radiators on the system, or a 2-bedroom apartment with 3 radiators. 

The My-sense system is IoT-enabled (Internet of Things), all ready for 5G, in fact, as one of the world’s first Smart Radiator Control, or ‘intelligent radiator’ you can tell the dashboard ‘App’ to save energy and leave it to monitor your personal environmental conditions and automatically regulate your heating. 

For example, if you are always out on Fridays until 9.15 pm, there is no point your heating switching on at the same time as every other day at 6.15 pm, wasting 3 hours of unwanted energy. This works just as well in a large hotel, or office block, where Mr Jones may have Tuesday off, and the automatic settings would otherwise still heat his room totally needlessly. As such, Intelli Heat reduces heat demand in buildings without compromising comfort. 

VIDEO iSense Wi-Fi Electric Radiators – fully compliant with Eco-Design, Lot 20

Reducing Repair and Maintenance Costs

The IntelliHeat electric heating system is a totally maintenance-free solution that is easy to install and pays back the entire cost of installation in 2-3 years allowing up to 35 % reduction in energy bills. Our mission was to develop my Sense, into a real-time IoT cloud solution that can fully integrate low consumption heating and assist housing sectors to efficiently manage their tenant’s bills. 

All costs of water leaks, callouts, boiler repairs, boiler servicing, gas safety checks, freezing pipes, faulty thermostats, and the manpower costs of delivering these services, is completely unnecessary. Once the new electric radiators are installed, none of this is required, and the radiators should then remain cost-free for many years to come, the money spent and set aside in budgets for these costs, can be redirected into new builds, refurbing other property, or removed as a simple cost-saving.

Warranty is Up to 2 years on electrical components, and 10 years on outer premium aluminium body and powder coated surface.

Experience, expertise, and ergonomics

IntelliHeat has been delivering superior quality, stylish and ultra-efficient heating systems across the UK for the last 18 years. Over this time, we have continuously developed our thermodynamic radiator system and a 5G future-proofed control system which includes total smart phone app-based Home automation.  You can of course still control each radiator directly on its individual control, since the i-SENSE range is equipped with a Digital touch screen LCD programmer as well as its Web app or Smart phone-based app control system.

This will be a huge environmental and monetary benefit for the vast majority of homes, commercial properties, hotels, Schools, and offices; as well as the ideal choice for small city-based apartments and rural locations without a gas supply. Providing excellent energy efficiency, as well as a highly responsive and accurate control system with built-in smart energy metering technology, which will give every individual homeowner, tenant of office user, a stable and comfortable heating experience, and of course a sleek modern design with 100% high-grade aluminium radiator body that conducts heat energy with maximum efficiency.

MYSense App features for wifi electric radiators
MySense App energy saving features

Remote Fault Finding and Diagnostics

No need to send an engineer to find out why Mrs Jones in number 21 has no heating. Just call IntelliHeat, and we will use smart intelligent and remote diagnostics to login to Mrs Jones energy dashboard, where we will be able to remotely check your installation, diagnose any potential setting mistakes or faults. This advanced diagnostic response is instant, so Mrs Jones will not need to be without heating for any length of time, waiting for an engineer to visit. Once you the correct login credentials are supplied to us, It can all be done the same hour, remotely. Similar to the computer they plug into your car, to see where the fault occurs, but without the travel. Just call us!

MYSense App for wifi electric radiators energy-saving assistant
MYSense App for wifi electric radiators, Smart energy-saving assistant

In summary:

the IntelliHeat Patented MySense cloud application, coupled with our breakthrough energy-efficient iSense radiators, will reduce overall operating costs by up to 35%.

It will also provide users with a free platform to deliver connected, manageable heating. Real-time automated energy consumption reporting, with instant diagnosis and analysis to homeowners, Landlords and Business property managers.