Frequently Asked Questions

Intelli Heat technology is tailored to two industries: Wifi connected electric Radiators and Bespoke designer radiators.

Here we list some of the common questions we get asked about the efficiency of electric central heating, our products and services. If you don’t find an answer to what you are looking for here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

There is an average saving of 5 pence an hour with the IntelliHeat electric heating system when compared to a gas system. IntelliHeat's electric heating system is a cheaper way to heat your home than gas central heating because it's more efficient. Unlike a gas boiler that heats the entire property, with electric heating your home is divided into zones, which can then be heated independently. By programming accordingly each zone with the desired time and temperature you can ensure that no energy is being wasted.

It costs around £2500 to install a typical 5 radiator electric central heating system in a two-bedroom house. The radiators are easily fitted to any wall via brackets and are then connected to a fuse spur socket by our skilled installation team. This can usually be completed in a single day.

IntelliHeat radiators are on average up to 30% cheaper to run than oil, LPG or storage heater systems. They work on any regular electric tariff and are not restricted to Economy 7. Our heating systems offer an affordable and energy efficient means to heat your home when used in conjunction with a competitive energy tariff and our APP.

Each radiator is fitted with a high-quality class 2 element that heats up quickly via absorbing electrical energy. This energy is released slowly in the form of heat. Each radiator is filled with thermodynamic fluid and IntelliHeat's advanced condensing system. This is formulated to heat up rapidly, then to expand the heat across as much radiator surface area as possible.

IntelliHeat radiators are safe, rigorously tested and meet all the relevant UK safety standards. As well as being accredited to UK standards, they have also been awarded NF Electricite Performance certification. This is an exacting standard that measures for sustainability, performance, safety, and usability.

Electric central heating is one of the greenest ways to heat your home, particularly when used in conjunction with a renewable electricity tariff from your provider. All IntelliHeat radiators meet the UK's Lot 20 Eco-Design Directive. This was introduced in 2018 to ensure that all electric radiators meet a minimum set of efficiency guidelines and make use of enhanced energy saving features.


How do the controls and thermostat on the radiators work?


The intelligent controls and thermostat on IntelliHeat electric radiators have a number of features that help you heat your home efficiently:



  • Real Time Energy Use Readout – the Cali Sense LCD Control Screen has a real time energy use readout. This allows you to see how many watts the radiator is using at any particular time.
  • Self-Programming - the radiator will learn from your behaviour, the times you are in the room, the times it remains empty. It will then adjust its heat output accordingly. This initially takes seven days, and will then continue learning, and refining its understanding of your habits.
  • 24hr or Timer Control – you can use the integrated programmer to determine when your radiator turns on or off. The Cali Sense radiator allows you do this remotely via a smartphone app.
  • Thermostatic Control – an electric thermostat give you an accurate room temperature reading.


Smart Start Control – this allows the radiator to respond to changes in the room, such as a door or window being opened. The heat output will adjust automatically if the room temperature changes.

IntelliHeat radiators can be operated from a smartphone app allowing you to adjust your heating even if you're away from home. The app can also be used to control things like hot water, any appliances, and lighting. This allows you much greater control over your home, giving you added comfort, security, and flexibility.

Our state-of-the-art intelligent electric radiators are made in France, to an Italian design.

Yes, if you are a reasonably competent DIY'er then you will be able to fit our radiators yourself

View the MySense App page here

  • Be informed and warned in real time
    Analyses and forecasts your devices’ future consumption
  • Anticipates and monitors your budget by changing behaviours
  • Interact at any time when the unexpected arises
  • View the status of your installations for each individual building or customer
  • Analyse and remotely diagnose any issues without the need of an engineer on site
  • Warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device for prompt intervention
  • Detailed & consolidated consumption reporting
  • Alerts and warnings about an open window, a disconnection, unusual high energy usage
  • Setting permanent back up in case of power failure, no need for resetting
  • Geo location
  • Integrated energy assistant’s advice on how to reduce your energy bills based on your usage
  • A predictive system of anticipation & optimisation of consumption to reduce energy waste
  • Setting temperature limits for greater savings/landlord pin code.

Our free MySense App.

With the free MySense App for iOS and Android you can monitor and control your iSense WiFi electric radiators remotely using your smartphone or tablet, providing on-the-go intelligent heating control for up to 1,000 radiators.